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      Actor Bharat Jadhav To Make A Comeback On TV With Kedar Shinde’s Next Show?


      Actor Bharat Jadhav, who is known for his amazing comic timing in Marathi film industry, is reportedly making a comeback on the small screen with Kedar Shinde's next show. It is to be noted that director Kedar is bringing a new show after a long time, which is rumoured to be titled as Sukhi Mansacha Sadra.

      Bharat Jadhav

      After all, Kedar Shinde recently shared several posts on Instagram. In one of the posts, the director posted a photo of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar's signature and captioned it as, "थोऱ्यामोठ्यांची वहीत "सही" घेण्याचे ते दिवस! या निमित्ताने त्यांची भेट व्हायची,ते सही करतील तोवर त्यांची छबी नजरेत साठवली जायची. आजकाल mobile मधे धावपळ करून selfie मिळवली जाते. Mobile gallery च्या गर्दीत एका फोटोची भर पडते. "सही" गोष्ट लवकरच TV वर घेऊन येतोय. श्री स्वामी समर्थ."

      Kedar Shindes Instagram post

      In another post, Kedar shared a photo of old telephone and wrote, "या फोनची गंमत वेगळी. पुर्वी गप्पा सुरू असताना, तो वाजला की आपण लोकांमधून उठून तो घेण्यासाठी त्याच्याजवळ पोहोचायचो.कारण तो wireने जोडलेला असायचा!! आजकाल wireless mobile आहेत तरी, वाजल्यावर गप्पांमधून उठून जाऊन एकटे कोपऱ्यात आपण फोनवर बोलतो. प्रगतीमध्ये काहीतरी miss करतोय, त्याचीच जाणीव करून देणारी Tv वर एक गोष्ट आणतोय. तपशील लवकरच. श्री स्वामी समर्थ."

      Kedar Shindes Instagram post

      Well, there are many posts like these which indeed makes us nostalgic about our childhood. The post written in Marathi hints about Bharat Jadhav's superhit yet memorable Marathi play Sahi Re Sahi's TV adaption. For the unversed, Sahi Re Sahi play was directed by Kedar Shinde and the Marathi actor shot to fame with the same. The play tells the story of a wife who conspires to murder her husband for his property. Hence, seeing Bharat Jadhav reprising his iconic characters from the play under Kedar's direction will be a treat for the Marathi audience. However, there is no official confirmation about the show.

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      On the professional front, Kedar Shinde last directed Marathi film Rangeela Rayabaa in 2017. On the other hand, Bharat Jadhav was last seen on the big screen in the film Ek Kutub Teen Minar (2016).

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