Anandha Poongatre (1999)(U)

Release date 27 May 1999

Anandha Poongatre Story

Anandha Poongatre starring Ajith, Meena and Karthik in the lead.Meenakshi (Meena) is a widow living with her son Nandu. Jeeva (Ajith), living in the same colony, has been pining silently for her for the last 4 years. He runs an organization called A-to-Z, which can get anything done for anybody.

Jeeva follows Divya (Malavika, last seen with Ajith in Unnai Thedi) to get some information on her for her suitor but she ends up falling for him and pursues him relentlessly. He avoids her, telling her that he is already in love with someone else and when cornered, reveals that it is Meenakshi.

This leads to some surprising revelations about Meenakshi's past, Meenakshi is a music student of Haridas (Karthik). Haridas has a child, whose mother (Bhanupriya) died giving birth to him. Their mutual respect is mistaken for romance by her father (Vijaykumar) and Haridas is killed in the fracas. Later Meena vows to live like a widow, taking care of Karthik's child. However, that very day, Jeeva and his parents were about to see Meenakshi as a prospective bride. When Jeeva sees this scene unfolding before his eyes, he starts admiring her courage. Despite his parents' protests, he assures Meenakshi's father that he would make her change her mind and that he would marry her. But Meenakshi's worl turns upside down when Divya's father, a staunch supporter of love marriage, kidnaps Nandu and asks Jeeva to marry Divya. Jeeva of course accepts and things are then resolved in the climax.

Most scenes in this movie have a familiar feel to them. And the story itself - the hero wooing the heroine with the help of the other colony members while the heroine has secrets in her past. Manivannan and Vadivelu indulge in some cheap jokes to evoke some laughter. Deva has good tunes.

The flashback involving Karthik and Meena is the best part of the movie and the relationship between them is well-developed. The director also succeeds in providing a nice reason for Ajith's feelings towards Meena.
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