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Darling (U/A)

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15 Jan 2015

Darling Story

Darling is an upcoming Tamil horror movie directed by debutant Sam Anton and produced by Allu Aravind and K. E. Gnanavel Raja. 

The film features G. V. Prakash Kumar and Nikki Galrani in the lead roles, with the former also composing the film's music. A remake of the 2013 Telugu film Prema Katha Chitram, the film is expected to be released in mid 2014.

Story in Detail

The movie starts with GV Prakash Kumar , Bala and Nikkitha planning a combined and flawless suicide because of their failures in their respective lives. Firstly they try to fulfill their last wishes before leaving this world. Nikkitha wants to steal a new car and GV Prakash wants to slap the local MLA in his own house. 

After stealing a new car and slapping the local MLA, the trio flee away from there to a nearby resort after escaping from the police. There Karunas, yet another suicide aspirant joins them and the four reach the farm house. There, Bala and Nikkitha, who is in love with GV Prakash, plan to postpone their suicide for 3 days so that they can prevent GV Prakash from committing suicide due to a Love Failure.

Their plan turns successful and in that interval of 3 days, all the four get close to each other. GV Prakash develops feelings for Nikkitha but hesitates to tell to her for fear of being humiliated by her. At the end of the 3rd day, Bala asks Nikkitha to kiss GV Prakash to divert from death, as per male psychology. He meanwhile requests GV Prakash to kiss Nikkitha as she wants to experience her first kiss before dying to which GV Prakash accepts with shame and shyness. 

As he tries to kiss her, a ghost enters the body of Nikkitha, who forces GV Prakash out of there. A flabberghasted GV Prakash runs out of the room. Whenever Nikkitha shows her feelings to GV Prakash and GV Prakash reacts to it by hugging or touching her, the ghost enters her body and scares GV Prakash away. Unaware of the ghost's entry into her body, Nikkitha feels depressed.

When Bala hears GV Prakash describing Nikkitha as a ghost, he rushes to Nikkitha's room to scold her and ask for an apology to GV Prakash, only to see the ghost enter her body and thrash him. That night, Karunas too experiences the Ghost's fury at its villainous best. The trio decide to distance themselves from her and always stay together.

From the next morning, they try to get the ghost vacate Nikkitha's body only to earn the wrath of the ghost. After Nikkitha comes to know about the ghost's presence in her, she too accompanies the trio to escape from there, in vain. Nikkitha, who observes GV Prakash avoiding her to escape the wrath of the ghost, gets deeply hurt and depressed, resulting in a suicide attempt by slitting her wrist. 

Three rich men enter the farm house who permit the four to stay there. One of them is the owner of the farm house. GV Prakash reaches Nikkitha but in turn is requested to kill those three by the ghost. GV Prakash asks her the reason for vengeance, and the ghost narrates her story to the trio.

What happens next? to be watched in big screen.

The film marks the return of Telugu film producer Allu Aravind to the Tamil film industry after 25 years, and he collaborates with K. E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green, who works outside the production house for the first time.

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