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Devathayai Kanden (U/A)

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Nov 2004

Devathayai Kanden Story

Devathayai Kanden movie revolves around Sridevi is a college going girl belongs to a rich family. Danush who works in a teashop would love her. He will make her believe that he is a college going youth. But one day, the teashop owner will send him to the same college in which Sridevi is studying to supply tea. Then she will come to know the truth. But after realizing the love and affection of Danush, she will start loving him.

 In this situation, Sridevi will become sick and will be hospitalized. Danush would take a 'vow' to go to Sabarimala to offer prayers for her recovery. At the same time, at hospital the doctor Gunal will take very much care of Sridevi and will treat her good. Because of this she will recover soon. Gunal would develop a liking for Sridevi during her stay in hospital, and will want to marry her. He would go and meet the parents of Sridevi, Rajeev and Fathima Babu and ask their permission to marry her. Sridevi, will give her consent to this marriage based on well meaning advise of her parents.

On the other hand, Danush will come back from his Sabarimalai Yathra and will come to know about the marriage of Sridevi and will be shocked very much. He meets Sridevi in person, and will try to change her heart. Sridevi, won't listen to this. Danush will then go to the police station and will lodge a complaint against Sridevi that she had cheated him after having loved him. But initially the police will not entertain his complaint.

 Danush will make them accept his complaint after much persuasion. Then the case will come to the court. Sridevi will appear in the court. In the beginning she would refuse about her love for Danush in the first place. After some time, she would accede that she had in fact loved him. But before the judge declares his judgment, she will announce in the court that she is ready to marry Danush. Whether Danush accepts her decision or not is the climax of this movie.

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