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17 Feb 2007

Lee Story

Lee (Sibiraj) as he is fondly known, is part of a close-knit group of friends of 10-11 in number. They work in local odd-jobs in the Triplicane area and make their living and play football in their leisure time. This is a fun-loving group of young boys, but one can tell that what keeps them together is not just casual jobs, but a bond older and stronger than this…Part of this group is also Chellam, short for Chellamaal (Nila), who works at a hospital for the mentally challenged. Chellam has met them randomly a few times and now, friendship has started to bloom.

One day, Lee and his friends buy a handgun and make a plan to shoot one of the top ministers in the state. They actually manage to get close enough to him to fire shots, but the man escapes behind his bulletproof glass. Unfortunately, Chellam sees this happening and is shocked. She confronts them and demands to know if they are terrorists in the making!We are taken to the past with Lee and his friends at college…

Lee and his friends were part of their college’s football team, with the fiery and inspiring Butthiran (Prakashraj) as their coach. The head of the institution Rangabashyam (Jageer) has an unruly son and powerful political contacts. One day, he asks Butthiran to take his son too as part of the team, talent or none, notwithstanding. The stern and correct Butthiran refuses. He tells him quite simply that Lee and the rest of the boys are not casual players, but selected for their various talents from all over the state by him, whereas Rangabashyam’s son is little more than a rowdy troublemaker. He bluntly tells Rangabashyam to advise his son to “clean up” his goonda and druggie act and put his game together instead.

He works at increasing his brawn power and becomes the head of the state’s Sports Development Authority. With this post, he creates big hurdles for Butthiran’s team and does not allow them to participate in any of the football matches being conducted in and out of the state. The situation becomes so bad for Lee and his friends that one of them even commits suicide.Things turn very bad for our young heroes and they just disappear from Rangabashyam’s line of fire with revenge in their hearts. Meanwhile, Rangabashyam exults in his victory as he becomes a powerful Minister in the state.

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