Lovely Story

    Lovely starring Karthik Muthuraman and Malavika. Mahadevan(Manivannan) is a man who hates the very mention of the word 'love' and staunchly believes that his daughter Nivedha(Malavika) could - and should - never fall in love. But Nivedha is already in love with Chandru(Karthik). With his father becoming a business partner of Mahadevan and the rest of his family becoming friends with Nivedha's family, Chandru finds it easy to infiltrate Nivedha's home. Once there, he tries to impress Mahadevan while trying to prevent Mahadevan's friend from revealing his true identity as Nivedha's lover.

    The director's sole intention here is to make the viewers laugh and that is clear from his scant disregard for the other tracks in the movie. Even romance doesn't find a place in his scheme of things and takes a backseat as Karthik and Malavika are already in love when the movie starts. There are some half-hearted attempts at sentiments(as in Manivannan's flashback) but these don't work and are thankfully few and far between. The movie is intended to be a light-hearted romp and since the comedy is successful in making us laugh, it works.

    There movie comprises two major sections intended for comedy and both of these are both clever and funny. First is the comedy track where Manivannan, as a result of a photo switch by Karthik, thinks that Vivek is his daughter's lover and sets some of his goons on him. The dialogs between Vivek and these henchmen as they misinterpret what he says, first about his dreams of going to the US and later about fixing his watch, are very cleverly done. Vivek's comments about his plight at the hands of these men are hilarious(the comment about the frog on the highway really hits the mark) and he also makes his usual cracks about some ills of society that are both hardhitting and funny at the same time.

    Most of the second half is devoted to Karthik and Malavika coming up with plans to make Manivannan and his family think that Vinu Chakravarthy is deranged. This is a ruse that is not often seen and so is funny inspite of seeming mean and illspirited at times. The trick they play as he watches something funny on TV is one among many that are clever and illustrate that the director has used his brains instead sitting back and letting the dialog writer do all the work by coming with some funny lines.

    It is good that the comedy works since it covers up the numerous other deficiencies in the movie. Monal's role is one of the most poorly crafted in recent times. Her frequent comments about knowing Karthik's real identity raise our expectations about her impact on the story but it ends in the lamest way possible. The sudden appearance of a villain(with a tenuous link to the story) at the end and the ensuing climactic fight stick out like a sore thumb.

    Karthik is a bundle of energy and always talks like he had one cup too many of coffee. It does get on our nerves sometimes but there are also occasions where his dialog delivery makes some of the lines funnier. Malavika has nothing much to do other than romancing with Karthik and does that competently. Monal is too fat and lacks glamour too. If not for the fact that she is Simran's sister, she would never have made it into Tamil cinema. Vivek once again proves he is the best comedian around while Manivannan is angry most of the time. The couple of melodious tunes from Deva are not bad.
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