Maa Story

    Maa is very simple, it is to make people realize that a physical disability does not make a person any lesser or weaker than anyone who is normal. It will be about believing in the abilities of the differently abled and about treating them as equals, rather than as unlucky people who need help and sympathy.

    This message will be narrated in Maa through a story of love and the confused state into which human emotions can get. It is about how a love story that begins to give hope to a person suddenly turns bitter, all because of his physical disability. Do things change? Is there realization that physical disability does not make a person helpless? Is he treated as an equal? Watch Maa to find out.

    More than anything, this effort deserves lots of plaudits. It takes immense courage to make a full length feature film on such a subject. Documentaries, telefilms etc. have been made,
    but this is one of the few that has gone the distance to get a feature length film ready and one is sure that the efforts will not go in vain. The most unique and inspiring thing about Maa is that it has been made by a team that consists mostly of the differently abled. Now, if they can make a full length feature film (something that requires lots of physical and mental effort), there should be pretty much nothing that is out of reach for them.

    That Maa will be an effort and product that will make us proud is sure. But, even more wonderful will be the story of courage behind its making. It is very rare that we get an opportunity to celebrate in cinema something that is not banal or mundane. So, let’s grab this opportunity and treat Maa as an equal to all the commercial stuff that is around us.
    **Note:Hey! Would you like to share the story of the movie Maa with us? Please send it to us (

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