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Moondram Pirai (U)

Audience Review

102 Ratings

Release Date

19 Feb 1982

Moondram Pirai Story

Moondram Pirai starring by kamal haasan and sridevi kappor. he movie begins with a young girl Bhagyalakshmi (Sridevi) who meets with an accident thus succumbing to amnesia. This condition makes her lose her memory of her entire teenage and adulthood leaving her as a physically grown up woman but with the memory and intelligence of a seven year old. Circumstances cheat her into Prostitution, where in the brothel, she meets Srinivas (Kamal Haasan) who understands that she has been tricked into the trade.

He rescues her to take her to his home in Ooty and begins to lead life with her taking care of her like his own. Bhagyalakshmi, who is now being called as Viji, which was the pseudonym given for her at the brothel, also reciprocates to Srinivas's care as they spend several months together sharing an amazing and innocent relationship that thrives on the tender line between affection and love. The sub plot of the film is contrary to the main notion of the protagonist Srinivas. This follows a series of parallel romances between the wife of Srinivas's boss and himself.

Although Srinivas doesn't reciprocate to her feelings, it depicts how the outside world succumbs to humane emotions of lust and desire which are totally devoid in the life led between Srinivas and Viji. However, their happiness is short lived as Srinivas takes Viji to a village medical practitioner who cures her of her mental illness and brings her back to sanity as she recovers her memory up to the point of her accident a few months back. But when Srinivas comes to meet Viji later that day, she is now not able to identify him or remember him. Despite all his efforts and gestures to make her understand that he was the one who had taken care of her for months together, she is indifferent to him and leaves Ooty back to her hometown, thus abandoning Srinivas and the life and relationship that she once had with him.

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