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Naan Aval Adhu

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Naan Aval Adhu Story

Naan Aval Adhu is a Thriller based movie. Aditya works for a popular advertising company and is married to the traditional beauty, Ashwini. A blissfully happy life with their kid, Aditya’s life has turned a full circle. But their hunky dory existence is about to change.

On the verge of expecting a promotion as a General Manager, Aditya gets introduced to Geeta; the company’s new Managing Director, at a client’s product launch. As the story spins across, we discover that both Aditya and Geeta were college sweethearts, until Geeta’s ambitions got the better of her in choosing her career over the man she loved.

Today with a brilliant opportunity at hand, Geeta renews her attraction as she delays Aditya’s promotion, and shamelessly flirts with him privately at first and then gradually before the office staff.

Using a heady concoction of sensuality and alcohol, she finally accomplishes in seducing Aditya. A guilt-ridden Aditya wakes up to reality and tries his best in putting the incident behind him. Several confrontations later, an obsessed Geeta gets hysterical as Aditya explains that the situations had changed as he is married to Ashwini. Believing that he has buried the hatchet, it is life as usual for Aditya. Geeta, on her part vehemently seeks to get back at him and increases his work commitments, ensuring that he is available at her constant beck and call.

As time flies, Geeta’s makes a calculated move and orders him follow her to a resort under the pretext of discussing a campaign strategy with outstation clients. On discovering that he has only Geeta for company, he is furious, leading them to a bitter argument. As they argue, in a fit of anger, Aditya powerfully shoves Geeta, accidentally killing her as her head collides with an object. Not knowing what to do, a terrified Aditya disposes off Geeta’s body and returns home, thinking that the worst is behind him.

But is it really over? A mental wreck, Aditya tries to seek refuge in his house, little realizing that Geeta would be back! And this time she would haunt him forever; as a ghost!

Will she let go of Aditya atleast now ? Will Aditya ever get rid of Geeta and start life afresh? Are Ashwini and their kid safe with an obsessive ghost in their house?

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