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Naiyaandi Movie Review

By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Dhanush has not delivered a big hit in the recent times in Kollywood. He has been due for a big hit in Tamil films after critically-acclaimed movie Aadukalam. However, his Bollywood debut Raanjhanaa in 2013 turned out to be a successful affair and it had given him a relief. Now, he is returning to Kollywood with Naiyaandi.

Naiyaandi became a talk of the town in the present week when Nazriya Nazim went public making some strange allegations against the director of the movie, Sarkunam. It gave a good publicity and made people to curiously await for the release. How far it has helped the movie? Read review to know it...

Sarkunam draws your attention with the narration. The credit card gives an introduction about the characters. Dhanush is shown as a careless guy, who is at his uncle's place. He has two elder unmarried brothers played by Sriman and Sathyan. His daily life begins and ends with his cousin Soori (Soori). He is in love with dentist Vana Roja (Nazriya Nazim), who has come to the village to stay with her grandma for some days. With the support of his gang, he does several tricks to impress her. But none of them work in their favour.

Accidentally, heroine falls in love with him. Well, her rich father, who has never said 'no' to anything that she had asked for, has taken a promise that she would marry the boy chosen by him. Well, on the other end, she has started loving Dhanush. But the kind and lovely father fixes an alliance with Vamsi Krishna, who plays the role of a baddie in the movie.

Dhanush and Nazriya elope and get married. They also reach home, but they don't reveal that they are the man and wife. His unmarried brothers now are in the race to marry her. What happens next is the crux of the story.

Naiyaandi Movie Review

The story of Naiyaandi is partially engaging and there are a few well-written one-liners. Dhanush and his side-kicks struggle hard to bring laughter on the faces of the audience.

Decent Story

No doubt, Sarkunam has got a decent story in hand. But the screenplay and scenes are badly written. Apart from interesting introduction, there is hardly anything fresh in the movie.

Inspired By Meleparambil Aanveedu

Having taken inspiration from Malayalam movie Meleparambil Aanveedu, the director has lost complete control over the screenplay in Naiyaandi.

First And Second Halves

There is nothing engaging in the first half. It is only second half, which has something to offer to the audience.


Dhanush has done his usual job. He is good and has lived up to his character. Soori, Sathyan, Pyramid Natarajan and other characters have played their parts well.

Nazriya Nazim Steals Show

Nazriya Nazim, who was in the news for wrong reasons, emerges as a winner. Her lovely face expressions and acting are the plus points of the flick.

Tech Departments

Velraj's cinematography is good. But it is Ghibran's music score that stands out from all other technical departments.


The only saving grace in the movie is - Nazriya Nazim. Had she not played the female lead, it would have been difficult for audience to sit in the theatres till the end. Her controversy may not have helped the movie, but it has made people notice her talent.

Dhanush has made a wrong choice!

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