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Bigg Boss 8: Nigaar Khan Cornered By Gautam, Ali, Karishma.. (Photos)

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Bigg Boss 8's latest victim turns out to be Nigaar Khan, the last wild card entry in the house. After her initial fights with the contestants, they have turned all their united attention towards her. The result of which Nigaar was seen crying repeatedly in the house.

Nigaar, who is the last one to join the crowd inside the house has showcased her weakness and the rest of them have decided to pounce on her, unanimously. First it was the captain Gautam Gulati, who surprised her with new jobs at every turn and made her accept it by dominating her. Though it seems like she was the victim, details show that Gautam was in fact fair with his work distribution and he gave her the garden work because it was clean and not much had to be done.

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Then it was Karishma Tanna and Ali Quli Mirza, who cornered her over issues about bed and the drawer space. While Karishma asked her to move her belongings in the drawer since Ali needs space for his belongings, Nigaar felt she was denied her portion of storage area and asked them to throw her belongings out and she will figure out a solution herself. Ali too stood his ground and this made Nigaar start her water works yet again.

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Praneet Bhatt too was seen hinting Ali that she will target him for this and she would not let go of the issue that easy. Then it was Dimpy Mahajan telling Ali that though Nigaar talks about positivity she is in fact negative because she denied work point blank and was not open to check what the work was.

Nigaar's bad day did not end here, Renee Dhyani made her confront Dimpy Mahajan and clear the air between them. And when she did, the conversation moved towards a negative side and ended with them parting sourly.

Looks like Bigg Boss 8 has a new victim now that Gautam has become the captain and cannot be taken for granted. Let's wait and watch how things turn out and if Nigaar manages to survive the show or leave sooner than expected. Nigaar is nominated for eliminations this week.


The morning started with Gautam changing Nigaar's work and asking her to do the garden after finishing breakfast work. Nigaar denied it.

Gautam Tried

Gautam tried to convince her and make her understand. But when she continued to deny working, he asked her come out.

Clean Garden

Gautam's point was that since she had issues, he asked her to do the garden for the day since it is already clean and needed very less work.

Nigaar Argued

Nigaar continued to argue with Gautam over making her do so much work.

Captain Gautam

Gautam declared that he is the captain and that she has to do what he asks her to or else get nominated.

Karishma Supported Gautam

Karishma was seen supporting Gautam by saying that they have all done the work and it is not she alone who is made to do it.

Dimpy's Opinion

Dimpy was seen telling Ali that it was Nigaar's fault because she too knew the garden was clean and needed not much work.

Karishma's Storage Space

Karishma brought up another issue regarding Nigaar's belongings.

Nigaar Asks To Throw Her Stuff

Nigaar argues that she is not given any space for her storage and when Karishma informed Ali wanted the space, she asked her to throw away her belongings outside.

Ali Stood Ground

Ali too stood ground and demanded storage space for himself.

Praneet Bhatt

Praneet was telling Ali that after this Nigaar would target him for the rest of the day.

Nigaar - Dimpy

Nigaar would confront Dimpy and tries to sort things between them.


At the end of it Nigaar walks off without sorting the issue.


Gautam would decide to remove everyone from their comfort zone.

Nigaar Crying

Nigaar would be seen crying after Gautam asking her to work. Upen tried to console her.

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