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Jodha Akbar: 11th June; Jalal Finds Out Rukhaiya Betrayed Him! (Pics)

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Jodha Akbar 11th June written episode: While Jodha and Rukaiya discuss about Chand Begum, Rukaiya opines that Akbar should not give so much of attention toward a person who was missing for so many years. Jodha tells her that Akbar is heartily trying to find her out. Shahnaz eavesdrops their conversation.

Shahnaz also comes to know that maids are going to the prison to give special food to the prisoners, on the occasion of celebrating Bakshi Banu’s pregnancy. She thinks that she can find her mother there. Akbar orders Atgah to find out who dropped the letter in Jodha’s palanquin.

Bakshi Banu’s pregnancy is celebrated in a grand way, in the presence of all the ladies. They discuss about Rukaiya’s motherhood. The lady doctor who treated Rukaiya during her miscarriage, is doubtful about her pregnancy. She is confident that the medicine which was given to Rukaiya, damages the uterus and it is not possible to become a mother again. She shares this with one of Akbar’s queens. Akbar overhears this discussion.

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Akbar calls the lady doctor and tells her to explain the matter in detail. The doctor gives a medicine to Akbar, to detect the truth. If Rukaiya is pregnant, the medicine will have no effect, but if she is not she will vomit within a few minutes.

Akbar gives the medicine to Rukaiya and finds the truth. He interrogates the lady doctor who informed him about her pregnancy. The doctor confesses that she was blackmailed by Rukaiya and told the lie to him being scared.

Akbar calls the lady doctor to Rukaiya’s room and tells her to repeat her statement. When she repeats the truth, Rukaiya becomes pale in fear. She asks for apology. Akbar says that there can be apology for mistake, not for crime!

Akbar’s faith is broken once again!

Jalal Overhears The Doctor

Jalal would overhear the doctor who would have treated Rukhaiya when she was pregnant previously. She would be saying that it is impossible for Rukhaiya to get pregnant.

Jalal Calls For Her

Jalal would call for her privately and ask her about what she was discussing.

She Explains

She would explain that the medicine that was given to her to kill the baby was so powerful that she would loose the capacity to have a child forever. To check if she is really pregnant she would give him a medicine.

Jalal Decides

Jalal would decide to try the medicine on Rukhaiya to see if she is really pregnant.

Jalal Tricks Rukhaiya

Jalal would trick Rukhaiya into drinking the medicine.


When Rukhaiya would not react to the medicine for a second Jalal would think that it was all a false alarm.


But Rukhaiya would eventually fall sick just like the doctor had said.

Jalal Shattered

Jalal would be shattered to know that Rukaiya is in fact not pregnant. He would leave her immediately.

Doctor Was Correct

Jalal would figure out that what the doctor said was true after all.

The Other Doctor

Jalal would summon the doctor who told him about Rukhaiya's pregnancy. He would corner her and get the actual details.

Rukhaiya Threatened

Rukhaiya would have threatened her to announce that she was pregnant.

Jalal Betrayed

Jalal would feel betrayed by Rukhaiya and would look totally dejected.

Jalal - Rukhaiya

Jalal would come to Rukhaiya with the doctor and inform her that he now knows her treachery.

Rukhaiya Tries To Explain

Rukhaiya would try to explain herself.

Jalal Not Ready To Listen

When Rukhaiya would try to ask for forgiveness, Jalal would declare that she does not deserve any.

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