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Jodha Akbar Reunion A Dream, Jodha Leaves To Agra And Goes Missing!

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Jodha Akbar, the Zee TV's popular drama had their fans breath a sigh of relief when their favourite couple got back together kissing away their misunderstandings. But the latest news is that all this is just a dream and Jodha, played by Paridhi Sharma, would have already left to Agra, leaving Jalal, played by Rajat Tokas, to his misery.

As we know, Jalal doubts Jodha's character when he finds her meeting a man in secret and when he finds out that the same man was living in his palace in disguise, all hell broke loose. Jalal confronts Jodha and asks her if she knew the person before their marriage and whether she loves that person. Having promised to her brother to not disclose anythign about him, Jodha would be compelled to stay quiet.

Jalal asks Jodha to leave before sunrise as he does not want to see her face. Jalal would then find Dilawar Khan missing. Jalal would then find him and decides to kill him with his bare hands, during which Jalal would get attacked by Sharifuddin and Sujhamal would be the one who saves him.

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Jalal would then come to realise that it is Jodha's brother Sujhamal and he was trying to find out who it is in his own court trying to assasinate him. Following this, Jalal would come to Jodha as fast as he can to appologise for his blunder.

The latest episode shows, Jalal going to Jodha and clearing all the misunderatndings. But all of this is apparently a dream and in reality Jodha would have left to Agra and would have gone missing before reaching her parents.

Jalal would realise to get shattered and ditermined to find his wife and love, Jodha.

Reunion A Dream

Jodha and Jalal's reunion is going to be a dream and Jodha would have left to Agra by the time Jalal reaches her. This is when Jodha goes missing and would not reach Agra.

Jalal Rushes To See Jodha

Jalal would rush to see Jodha and ask for an apology.

Jodha Waiting

Jodha would be in the palace waiting for Jalal to reach her.

Jalal Apologises

Jalal would apologise for his behaviour towards her.

Jalal Kneels

Jalal even kneels in front of Jodha to show how dejected he was for his behaviour towards her.

Jodha Brushes Away His Tears

Jodha would brush away his tears and consoles him.

Jodha Not Leaving

Jodha would say that she wouldn't have left him just because he asked her to leave.

Jalal's Love For Jodha

Jalal would have declared his love for her previously.

All Misunderstandings

Jalal now knows Jodha's behaviour was not what he had dreaded.

Kiss Away Tears

Jodha and Jalal kiss away their tears and misunderstandings.

Jalal's Wound

Jodha would kiss the wound that was caused when he hurt himself.

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