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Raman Rescued Ishita From Ashok On Yeh Hai Mohabbatein! (Photos)

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) falls pray for Ashok, Suraj and Param's plan to assault her but Mani and Raman (Karan Patel) would rescue her in time before much damage was done on her.

    Suraj and Param plot an evil plan to get to Ishita at Ashok's bachelor party. They would have messaged Ishita the venue to Ashok's bachelor party instead of Shagun's bachelorette party. They would make sure Mihir and Bala are not at the venue when Ishita arrives and inform the drunk men at the party that Ishita is their entertainment for the evening.

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    Raman drops Ishita at the place where Ishita and leaves to plan a special evening with her later, when he would be hoping to express his true feelings for her. But Raman would receive a call from Mihika informing Ishita is not at the party and when he calls on Ishita's phone he gets a drunk man informing that Ishita was there to entertain them.

    Ishita would get shocked realising that it was Param, Ashok and Suraj's plan and would ask them to stop the whole thing but to no vein. Ishita would maker her escape from the place but gets followed by them. Mani would be the first one to come to Ishita's rescue followed by Raman. Both would beat the attacker to pulp and Raman would declare he would kill Ashok for this.

    Raman would take an inconsolable Ishita away to comfort her. A scared Ishita would refuse to let go of Raman and would ask him to take her home. Mani would decide to get to the bottom of the issue on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    Suraj And Param's Plan

    Suraj and Param would have planned to get MIhir and Bala out and target Ishita.

    Raman Drops Off Ishita

    Raman would drop off Ishita at the venue they think Shagun's bachelorette party is taking place.

    Wrong Venue

    By the look of the place Ishita would worry she was at a wrong place.


    Ishita would find Param at the party encouraging men to have fun with her.

    Tries To Defend

    Ishita tries to defend herself and make an escape but Ashok and other would not let her.

    Raman Realises

    When Mihika calls, Raman realises Ishita has not reached the venue. And when he calls Ishita he will get to know the actual scene.


    Ishita would ask Ashok to not do this to her since they are relations now.

    Ishita Abused

    Everyone start circling Ishita and harassing her.

    Ashok, Param And Suraj

    When Ishita tries to run and a guy follows her they would enjoy it.

    Ishita Tries To Escape

    Ishita tries her best to escape from the people.

    Mani Reaches

    Mani reaches Ishita to save her from the brute.


    Raman would come next and would beat up the guy.

    Raman Takes Away Ishita

    Raman would warn Ashok and takes Ishita away.

    Ishita Inconsolable

    Ishita would be inconsolable after the incident and Raman would try his best to comfort her.

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