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Mihika Failing To Prove Innocence Against Ashok On Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Mihika is failing to prove her innocence as Ashok had predicted her moves and cleaned his steps already. The cameras she had installed to get Ashok making a move on her recorded would be cleared by Param, Suraj and Ashok before Mihika realises it. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) would be helpless.

After Shagun, Raman, Ishita and Mihir find Mihika with Ashok in the honeymoon suite, all hell broke loose. Shagun blames Ashok but he again manages to convince her that it was all Mihika's doing and that she was the one who lured him to the room and seduced him. Shagun falls for it and starts to blame Mihika.

Mihika Raped By Ashok; Shagun, Mihir Devastated In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

Mihika tries her best to convince Shagun that Ashok did not want to marry her and that he was having an affair before and has been trying to have one with her as well. Mihika tells her that since she is so blindly in love with Ashok she thought giving her a shock that presents her with Ashok's real side she will see the true light. But when she continues to blame her, Mihika thinks of the cameras she had got installed in the room.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Shagun Blames Mihika, Mihir Too?

But Ashok, Param and Suraj would have got to the guy who had helped her install the cameras and paid him enough to prove her wrong. Mihika is left with no proof now to make her stand against Ashok. But Ashok has the SMS that shows Mihika calling him to the room.

How will Mihika prove herself? How will she prove that Ashok is the master mind behind this? Let's wait and watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to see what happens.

Mihika Tells Her Side Of Story

Mihika tells her side of the story to Ishtia and others. She says that she was only trying to prove to Shagun that Ashok was acting and that he has not been wanting to marry Shagun at all.

Shagun Blinded

From the time Shagun saw that SMS that shows Mihika invited Ashok to the room, she decided to support Ashok and doubt Mihika even when everyone including Raman, Ishita and Mihir try to tell her the truth.


Mihika tries her best to tell everyone such a dirty person Ashok is. She tells them about the affair he had and about how he has been trying on her from the moment she joined his company.

Mihika Tells Shagun

Mihika tries to tell Shagun everything she knows but Shagun would not be in a position to listen to anything. Mihika would tell her that she is her friend and would only want her good.

Raman Shouts At Shagun

Raman would shout at Shagun to try and see the truth that everyone else is seeing. He would even shout at Ashok. But Shagun would never be in a state to listen to anyone.

Shagun Believes

Shagun continues to believe that the two sister, Ishita and Mihika are behind her to ruin her life with Ashok. She says they hate her so much that they are going to such an extent to ruin her wedding.

Mihika's Proof

Mihika would have installed cameras to get some solid proof but the person who had installed them for her flips his story to tell that there has not been any cameras at all.

Mihika Helpless

Mihika would find herself with no proof to convince her innocence. Shagun would continue to blame her for ruining her wedding. Ishita comes to her rescue to protect Mihika.

Raman And Shagun

Shagun blames Ishita too for making her sister go to such an extent to hurt her. Raman would come to defend Ishita and warns Shagun to not accuse his wife of such negative thought that only she can possess.

Ishtia And Mihika Shocked

When Shagun blames Mihika and Ishita of being jealous of her and thats why they have ruined her wedding, the two sister would be shocked listening to her words when they only wanted her good.


Meanwhile the gossip reporter would enter the room with everyone and declares that Ishita called her here for some hot news and so she is here for it.

Ishita Blamed

Now Ishita, who has no clue about the reporter is blamed of calling her here to get the news. Will Mihika and Ishita manage to prove their innocence?

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