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Mihika Raped By Ashok; Shagun, Mihir Devastated In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's story has taken a shocking turn of events as Mihika gets raped by Ashok as her plan to get his caught red handed goes dangerously bad. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) trust Mihika without question and Mihir too, but Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) continues to trust Ashok blindly.

Ashok's figures out that Mihika has planned to get him caught by Shagun and decides to trap her instead. When Mihika invites him to the honeymoon sweet to record him trying to seduce her. But Ashok would sedate her and rape her in stead.

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Unaware what was happening, Shagun and the rest would be waiting for Ashok. Suraj and Param make sure they get to know that Ashok is in the room with another girl. Not knowing it was Mihika, Raman, Ishita and Mihir follow Shagun to check on Ashok.

When they get to the room they realise it was none other than Mihika with Ashok. They would be shocked to see the state in which Mihika would be and would punce first on Ashok. But when Ashok justifies by saying that it was Mihika who called him to the room to seduce. Though Mihir would not believe him Shagun would jump to defend Ashok blaming it is Mihika who did all this to break her wedding.

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The upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will have Mihika trying to defend herself. She would fail to get the CCTV cameras that were installed in the room and so would not be able to justify her stand. It is also rumoured that Mihika would try to attempt suicide.

Mihika Sedated

Mihika gets sedated by Ashok when he figures out that she had invited him to trap him. Mihika's plan would get failed dangerously bad and puts her in major trouble.


Ashok would get to know Mihika's plan to get him caught red handed and decides to get her trapped in her own net. He would pretend to go along with her plan but would sedate her and rape her.


Unaware what is happening behind her back Shagun would be a happy bride enjoying her special day. Little did she know that her groom has a plan to escape from the very marriage.

Everyone Worried

Mihir and Ishita would get worried not being able to find Ashok nor Mihika. But Raman would not feel the panic until it will be too late. Ishita would not be able to place Mihika for many hours.

Param's Plan

Param would make sure Simmi overhears him telling Surag that Ashok is in the honeymoon suite with another girl right the very moment. Simmi not know this too is Param's plan would inform everyone else.

Shagun Defends Ashok

Shagun overhears Mihir telling that Ashok is in a room with a girl, but would defend him fiercely saying everyone is behind them to spoil the wedding. She would decide to prove to everyone that it was all a lie.

Ashok Caught

Shagun, Ishita, Raman and Mihir would catch Ashok red handed in the honeymoon suite with a girl. Shagun would push him aside to check what was happening.


Everyone would not have a clue that the girl who is with Ashok will turn out to be Mihika. Mihika would be in a state of sedation and would not be able to process anything happening around her.

Everyone Shocked

Everyone would be shocked to see that it was Mihika in bed. Mihir, Ishita and Raman would be dumbfounded to see it is Mihika with Ashok in the room. Shagun would first pounce on Ashok.

Ishita Covers Mihika

Param would leak the news to the media and they would enter the room taking photos. Ishita would cover Mihika as much as she can while they take pictures of Ashok and Shagun. Raman and Mihir throw them out.

Shagun Slaps Ashok

Shagun would slap Ashok saying how he could do such a thing on their wedding day. She would slap him repeatedly in anger that her wedding is ruined because of him.

Mihir Devastated

Mihir would get devastated seeing Mihika in such a state. He would attack Ashok defending Mihika when he says that it was Mihika who invited him and seduced him.

Ishita Too

Ishita too would defend Mihika saying it will surely be Ashok's doing since Mihika is not in state to do any such thing. She would also say that she knows Mihika and she is sure she is pure.

Shagun Defends Ashok Blames Mihika

Shagun would believe Ashok's words and blames Mihika for everything. Even when Mihir tries to explain to her and urges her to see what was really happening, she would not be in a state to see the truth.

Mihika Recovers

Mihika, who was in a state of sedation until now starts to recover from it. She would try to urge not to believe Ashok but would not be able to. When she starts to recover the actual reality hits her and she starts to cry.

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