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Rangrasiya: 20th June; Rudra Gives Paro The Mangalsutra, Kisses Her; Confesses True Feelings! (Pics)

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Rangrasiya 20th June written episode: Previously on Rangrasiya, we saw Paro kiss Rudra for the first time. Paro goes to give tea to Rudra and sweetly plants a peck on his cheek. The two share a few sweet moments.

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Paro gets irritated with Rudra's temper. She complains that he has a problem with everything she does, or does not do. She asks him what he likes, and what will not anger him, if there is a thing, so that she can do the same.

Rudra remembers Paro sharing her feelings with Maithili that she is waiting for the mangalsutra. He removes it from his pocket, and makes a plan.

A while later, Rudra asks Paro to come to the hall. She refuses. He drags her to the place, which is beautifully decorated with flowers, candles and diyas. Rudra has painstakingly adorned the hall, in preparation for giving the mangalsutra to Paro!

Yesterday, he confesses his love to Paro, and clears that he does not get angry often, it is just that he is used to speaking in a gruff voice. He also says that whenever he does get angry, it is because of his frustration with himself. The two then romance, and Rudra also fulfills Paro's unique request.

Find out more, and see pictures of their sweet romantic moments here...

Paro Discovers A Beautiful Decoration

Paro discovers a beautiful decoration of flowers and diyas in the hall, prepared by an army man! Rudra sits in front of it and gives an account of his anger. He says that when she came to the party hall in Jaipur even after he forbade, he did not get angry. Neither was he angry when she drank and kept blabbering.

Only Angry With Himself

But he was angry after chili powder went into her eyes. Rudra explains that sometimes he is just angry with himself and erupts on her.

Paro's Funny Demand

Paro suddenly makes a funny demand. She says that he took her to Jaipur and taught her English dance. He took her to Mumbai to show the vast stretch of sea. She demands something greater this time. Paro explains that she has seen snow falling on the head of the heroine in a film. She demands for a similar experience.

Rudra Tears A Pillow

Rudra tears a pillow and drops cotton on her head.

Rudra Tells Paro

He tells her that he has heard her conversation with Maithili, that she is waiting for the moment to receive the mangalsutra.

Bitter Memories

Rudra says that the red thread around her neck pains him as the memories connected to it are extremely bitter.

Rudra Puts The Mangalsutra

Rudra puts the mangalsutra around Paro's neck.

Rudra And Paro's Romance

Next they indulge in sweet romance and closeness.

He Remembers The Eight Rounds

He remembers the eight rounds and eight oaths of ruining her life. He wants to forget it all and make a fresh start.

Rudra Kisses Paro!

Rudra Kisses Paro. Ah! Finally.

Paro Kisses Him Back

Paro kisses him back, and the two embrace.

Paro Is Happy

Paro is happy to finally know what is in Rudra's mind.

Their Romance Is Interrupted

Their romance is interrupted by a sound as a water jug falls from Mala's hand in the kitchen.

At Night When Rudra Hugs Paro

At night when Rudra hugs Paro in their bedroom, she alerts him of Mala's presence. Rudra feels irritated.

Will The Romance Last?

Will the fresh start of life remain incomplete for Rudra and Paro? Do come back on Monday to know..

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