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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Adi Says 'Ishima', Shagun's Chapter Ends [See PHOTOS]

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishima (Divyanka Tripahti) gets rescued from under the rubble after the massive earthquake. Ruhi and Raman will be the ones who save her by finding her in time. Aditya will be seen calling Shagun a cheat and acknowledging Ishita as his mother. He will even call her his 'Ishima'.

After saving Aditya from the fire accident and managing to save both Ruhi and Aditya when the earthquake shake them, Ishita gets trapped under the rubble when the building collapses on her. Raman, who comes to the place a little too late will be seen searching for her madly but it will be Ruhi who will manage to find her Ishima.

Here's How Ishima Finds And Saves Ruhi-Aditya: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler!

Ruhi spots Ishita's hand sticking out from under the rubble and it will be due to this that Raman and Abhishek manage to pull Ishita out. Seeing Ishita in such a state will make Raman realise how much he loves her and that he cannot live without her.

Shagun after everything will be seen trying to reach out for her children, Ruhi and Aditya. But she will be asked to leave them alone since they now know that she does not love them and that Ishita is their real mother.

When both her children ask her to leave them alone and say that they consider Ishita as their mother, Shagun will be seen deciding to leave them forever. She will inform Ishita and Raman that she has realised that Ruhi and Aditya are happy with Ishita and so she is leaving them forever.

This episode is set to mark Shagun's exit from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Finally, the track about her trying to take away the kids ends.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Latest

After the fire and earthquake, Shagun tries to talk to Aditya and Ruhi but they ask her to leave them alone. Adi even says she cheated him and that Ishita is his real mother. Ishita, who will be lost under the rubble gets discovered by Ruhi and Raman.

Ruhi Asks Shagun To Go Away

After everything that has happened, Shagun tries to talk to Ruhi and Aditya and ask about their wellbeing. Ruhi will ask her to leave and tells Adi about what she did.

Ruhi Warns Shagun

Ruhi will be seen informing Adi that Shagun abandoned them when Ishita needed help to save Adi from the fire. She will also tell Shagun that if something happens to Ishita she will never forgive her.

Ruhi And Adi In Shock

The entire Bhalla family reach the accident spot and find Ruhi and Adi in a shocked state. Ruhi tells them what happened.

Raman Searches For Ishita

Raman will be seen searching for Ishita everywhere but will not be able to find her. He will not be ready to accept that Ishita is dead.

Ruhi Calls For Ishita

Ruhi will be seen calling out for Ishita. She will escape the police to come to the place she was trapped and calls out for her.

They See Her

After Ruhi calls out for her Ishima, they will find a hand stretched out from the rubble. Raman, Abhishek and the rescue team run to her.

Ishita Found

Raman and Ruhi find Ishita. She will be unconscious but breathing. The rescue team help them remove her from under the rubble.

Raman - Ruhi

Raman and Ruhi will be overwhelmed seeing Ishita in such a state. Ishita will be unconscious and not moving which will scare both of them.

Shagun - Adi

Shagun tries to reach out for Adi and talk to him. She will try to check if he is okay and tries to show her concern.

Adi Determined

Adi, who knows what exactly happened will ask Shagun to leave him alone. He will inform her that he considered Ishita his real mother now.

At The Hospital

Shagun tries to talk to Adi at the hospital as well. She will try to reach out for him and show her love for him, but he will ask her to leave.

Raman - Ishita

Ishita comes to her consciousness and Raman, who will be scared to death about her, will be seen hugging her to know she was fine.

Shagun - Ishita

Shagun comes to Ishita and asks to speak to her. She will inform her that she is leaving her kid with her since they are happy with her.

Shagun's Exit

The episode marks Shagun's exit from the show. She will inform Ishita that she is leaving the kids with her but she still hates her.

Ishita, Ruhi And Adi

Ishita, Ruhi and Adi will see Shagun leaving and when Abhishek informs them he can arrest her, Ishita asks him to let her go.

Shagun Happy

Shagun leaves happy that her kids are happy and that they have finally found a happy family.

Ishita Home Safe

Ishita comes home safe but Toshi and Madhavi decide that she will stay at her mother's place until she recovers.

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