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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani-Ranveer Get Closer Thanks To Chirag And Mystery Girl

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, with lot of twists and turns, is keeping the audience hooked to the television. Lot of confusions in Ishaani-Ranveer and Sharman-Ritika's relationship has made the couples separated. No need to get disappointed as this will not be for long time. The confusion will soon be clarified.

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Ranveer and Ritika had left the house leaving Ishaani's birthday party in the middle to the hotel Paradise. Seeing RV and Ritika together, Sharman's doubt gets stronger and Ishaani will be seen following them.

On following them, Ishaani gets to know that RV and Ritika had kept her sister Gauri - the mystery girl - in hotel paradise that had caught fire. Chirag had planned this fire incident as he wanted to reveal RV's reality to Ishaani. The plan flops and because of Chirag, Ishaani gets to know that RV and Ritika had been together for a cause and are not having any affair.

Ishaani suggests Ritika to speak to Sharman as he has misunderstood her relation with RV. Ishaani and RV take Gauri to the hospital, where Ishaani gets to know about the sad story of Gauri's married life. RV had helped her on right time. Since she wanted this to be a secret, none knew about her. But because Ritika saw her ones, she had to tell about her hidden place.

Gauri takes promise from Ishaani as she doesn't want anyone to know about her. Ishaani reaches home leaving RV in the hospital. At home, Sharman will be waiting for Ishaani's reply on RV-Ritika as he still thinks they have an affair.'

Chirag's Plan Flops

Chirag's plan of trapping RV and creating misunderstanding between Ishaani and RV flops. Instead, because of Chirag Ishveer get closer.


RV, Ishaani and Ritika are seen with Gauri, who is treated by doctors. Her room in the hotel Paradise had caught fire and she was injured. RV saves her.

RV-Ishaani In Hospital

RV and Ishaani take Gauri to the hospital. Ishaani gets to know finally that RV and Ritika are just friends and they were together helping her sister Gauri.

Sharman Angry

Everyone will be worried as RV, Ritika and Ishaani left home without leaving message. Sharman is seen tensed, when Derwash asks him the same, he scolds him.

Gauri's Sad Story

In hospital, Gauri narrates her sad story of married life to Ishaani.

Gauri Crying

Gauri was made to stay in small store room and was beaten up by her husband. She was even not allowed to speak to anyone.


Gauri escapes from the place and seeks RV's help. Later Ritika gets to know. Both RV and Ritika had helped Gauri in keeping this as secret and giving her shelter in Hotel Paradise.

Gauri Scared

Gauri is scared that she will be sent back to her husband's place and doesn't want Ishaani to reveal this to family members.


Sharman stops Ishaani to ask about RV-Ritika. He still thinks Ritika is having an affair with RV.

It has to be seen what will Ishaani say Sharman about them as she can't tell the truth of Gauri.


Ishaani and RV are still struggling to speak about their love. Not getting words to speak, Ishaani thanks RV for his help towards her sister.

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