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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Shattered As Milan Kills Sharman & Ranveer Gets Arrested!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Sharman tries to reach Ishaani (Radhika Madan) to tell about Milan's unprofessionalism, but Ishaani doesn't attend the call as she is worried about the patient in the house.

Finally, Ishaani gets to know the truth that the person who was with her till now was not Ranveer (Shakti Arora), but Milan.

When Ishaani gives aarati to the patient, and feels pity for his condition, he calls her name. Ishaani is shocked as the patient called her just like how RV does.

On the other hand, Milan gets to know that his story is going to end, and plans another trick. Milan dresses like RV (patient) and makes a recording. He records that he is going to kill Sharman, as the latter got to know about his fraud in the company. He also tells that after killing Sharman, he too, will end his life.

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On the other hand, RV asks Ishaani to feel him, by touching him. Ishaani removes his bandages, and is shocked to see RV. She asks where he was all these days, and says, with Milan's behaviour (as RV), she thought something was wrong with him!

Ishaani asks if she married Milan, but RV clarifies her that he was kidnapped after the marriage. On the other hand, Sharman meets Milan in a deserted area to ask about the company and the wrong investments that Milan was making. Sharman also says that he knows Milan is not RV.

Milan reveals the truth that he is not RV, but his twin. Milan also reveals that he was the one who killed Nimisha and kidnapped RV. And now, he wants to destroy RV. Sharman is shocked with Milan's revelation.

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Ranveer tells Ishaani, how he met with an accident. He also adds that he could only hear Ishaani, and she is the one who saved him.

Ishaani Cries

Ishaani cries uncontrollably, while RV tries to console her. They read Sharman's message of meeting Milan in an isolated place and try to call him. But Sharman doesn't attend the call.


RV tells Ishaani that Milan can kill Sharman, as Milan is a dangerous person. Both reach the spot, but by then, Milan would have stabbed Sharman.


Sharman, who was still alive, asks Ranveer to go home, but RV ignores. Sharman takes his last breath, while Milan laughs. Ishaani runs to the spot, hearing voices.


Milan reveals that he is in love with Ishaani and because of her, he was fooled. RV gets angry, and asks Milan not to speak her name!


Milan tells that he will never get Ishaani in his life. He jumps from the top of the truck into the lake and RV looks on.

Milan Jumps

Milan jumps into the water, while Ishaani and RV are in shock. Police reaches the spot, and thinks RV has killed Sharman and arrests him.


When Ishaani stops police from arresting him, the police shows Ishaani the video that was sent by RV. Both Ishaani and RV are shocked seeing the video.

Police Shows Video

Ishaani tells the police about RV and Milan being twins, but the police asks her to stop the ‘nonsense'. They also warn her that if she stops them, then they would arrest her as well. A shattered Ishaani asks police to take RV to the doctor as Milan had injected some chemical on RV's face.


RV asks Ishaani to do the final rites of Sharman. Ishaani promises to release RV from jail soon. She is shattered as she lost her brother. On the other hand, her husband gets arrested, and she is helpless!


Ishaani and RV's families arrange for Manas and Parul's marriage, while a worried Manas asks them if they saw Ishaani, as all the three - the patient, Ishaani and RV are missing from home!

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