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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi To Take 6-Month Leap; Amba To Get Ishaani-Ranveer Remarried! (PICS)

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is all set to take six months leap after Ishaani being rescued by Ranveer. If you remember, during Ganesh Chaturti, previous year too, the show had taken a leap and not to forget the recent leap when Ishaani (Radhika Madan) returned back from jail!

In the previous episode, Ranveer takes the ransom of Rs 20 crores to Rajat (Amit Tandon), who keeps an eye on RV's moment. With this, Rajat gets to know that RV has arranged for police in disguise.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Oh No! Rajat Straps Bomb To Ishaani; Ranveer To Rescue!

Rajat tricks RV and takes the bag by diverting the police with a fake accident. RV is also clever as he had kept a time bomb in the bag instead of money. When Rajat refuses to tell where Ishaani is, RV says Rajat to make it fast as RV has kept a time bomb in his bag.

With the blast, RV and police get hold of Rajat and enquire about Ishaani. RV also gets to know that Rajat hates the former as the latter had harmed his family. When, where and how RV harmed Rajat's family... like RV, we too, don't know!

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Leap: Ishaani Kidnapped By Ranveer's Rival; Shikar Exit; RV In Double Role!

Immediately after Rajat tells RV to find Ishaani, Rajat eats something from which he almost faints. Police take Rajat away, while RV starts searching for his love Ishaani.

Rajat also tells that he has strapped bomb to Ishaani and he has only few minutes left to save her. RV gets a clue and goes to the nearby lake as the police had trapped Rajat's call and had known his recent location.

On the other hand, Shikar (Arjun Bijlani) tries to extract truth from Ritika (Smriti Khanna) by showing her the hopes of getting saved if she revealed the truth, as she has been his friend.

Read on to know the remaining story and spoilers post leap...


Shikar tells Ritika that she failed in trapping him as the real kidnapper is caught.

Shikar Meets Ritika

Shikar also tells Ritika that the kidnapped has revealed that she had hired the kidnapper.

Shikar's Condition To Save Ritika

He also keeps a condition to save Ritika. He says if she accept her fault, she will be spared and he may help in reducing her punishment.


With this hope Ritika tells the truth that she had hired the kidnapper and also tells the location where Ishaani was hidden.

Ritika Shocked

After extracting truth Shikar tells Ritika that there is no excuse for the crimes she has done. Ritika is shocked to hear this.


Baa convinces Amba and takes her to get Ishaani back home.

Ishaani In Danger

Baa, Amba, Shikar and RV reach the place where Ishaani was present. Ishaani asks not to come near her as bomb is strapped on to her.


Ishaani tries to jump, but Ranveer stops her and hugs her saying they will live and die together.

RV Rescues Ishaani

Finally, RV will be successful in removing the bomb jacket from Ishaani.


Amba will apologise to Ishaani as the former never understood Ishveer's love.

MATSH 6-Month Leap

The show will take six months leap, and Amba will do Ishaani's grehpravesh.

Ishaani's Looks Change

Ishaani's look changes after six months. From half-sleeve designer blouse, Ishaani will be now seen donning sleeveless printed blouse.

(Image Credit: Snapshot from SBB Video)

Amba Happy

Amba will be happy to see Ishaani back home and her son RV happy with Ishaani. Amba will decide to get Ishaani and Ranveer remarried and this time she will do the preparations.

(Image Credit: Snapshot From SBB Video)

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