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Naagin Spoiler:Shivanya's Saree To Catch Fire; Ritik To Romance Her

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The latest episode of Naagin started with Shesha (Adaa Khan) being attacked by the hawks. Ankush and his friends' van meets with an accident and gets stuck on a cliff. However, Ankush and Shailesh count on Guru Maa's ring and somehow escape from the danger.

They reach Guru Maa's cave and say that the naagin tried to harm them but they got saved. Guru Maa tells them that only Kali Maa can save them. She is ready to perform kali yajna and bring Kali Maa in human form.

Ankush questions that when the rings couldnot protect them, how will the yajna protect them. Guru Maa reprimands him for doubting kaali maa's powers. She goes on to describe the powers of kaali maa.

Meanwhile, the tyres of Ritik's (Arjun Bijlani) car are punctured. He tells Shivanya (Mouni Roy) that he will inform his mom that they cannot attend the yajna. Shesha is struggling to escape from the hawks.

Guru Maa starts performing the yajna. Kali Maa enters a lady. The lady falls down and shivers. Ritik tries changing the tyres. Shivanya informs him that it was amavasya and that is why there were so many nags around.

Ritik asks her to go and sit in the temple while he changes the tyres. The lady who is possessed by Kali Maa starts writhing in pain. Lots of snakes come there.

Kali Maa starts destroying the snakes. Shesha is scared watching her people being killed. Kali Maa attacks her and severes her extremities and then her head.

When Kali Maa came to attack Shivanya, she bowed down in submission and pleaded Kali Maa to spare her. She explained to Kali Maa how her parents were killed and how she is there to avenge their death.

In the upcoming episode we will see Shivanya overhearing Ankush's words that their 20-year-old secret is hidden in mansion. Shivanya thinks she should know the secret and take her revenge soon. For more updates and spoilers, check the slideshow below...

Kali Maa Punishes Shesha

Kali Maa does not let Shesha escape and she cuts off her extremities first and then her head. She wants to punish the naagins.

Shivanya Calms Kali Maa Down

Shivanya is shocked to see Shesha attacked and she runs in to help her. When Kaali Maa turns to attack Shivanya, she tells her how she wants to avenge her parents death.


After returning back from Guru Maa's cave, Shivanya and Ritik spend some quality time together. Ritik flirts with Shivanya.

Ritik-Shivanya's Love

Back home, Ritik and Shivanya discover their love for each other. They share an emotional bond. Ritik flirts with her and both of them romance each other.

Shivanya's Saree Catches Fire

Shivanya would be lost in her thoughts. And unluckily her saree would be about to catch fire. Ritik rescues Shivanya and feels possessive for her.


Shivanya overhears Ankush's conversation with Shailesh. He talks about their 20-year-old secret. Shivanya decides to know the secret soon and take her revenge.

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