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Swaragini: Lakshya Gets Drunk;Ragini Gets Closer To Lakshya; Swara-Sanskar Save Lakshya From Police!

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In Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) cries on her fate as she lost Lakshya's (Namish Taneja) proposal twice and tries to commit suicide as Dida blames Ragini for Swara's (Helly Shah) missing incident. Lakshya, who is upset and angry on Swara after hearing to Swara's recording that she is not interested in him, decides to marry Ragini.

Durga Prasad is not happy with the marriage as he thinks Lakshya has decided to marry Ragini in haste. On the other hand, Annapurna arranges for Ragini and Lakshya's marriage in the same mantap.

Ragini's grandparents accompany her to her in-laws place, while Dida curse Ragini for ditching her sister Swara. Dida curses Ragini that she will never be happy in her married life until Ragini accepts all her faults.

Swaragini Spoiler: Swara To Marry Sanskar To Teach Ragini A Lesson!

While Ragini's Dadi takes Lakshya's promise to take care of his wife Ragini. He promises Dadi that he will never make her cry and won't punish her for Swara's doing.

But Lakshya, who is still upset and shattered with Swara's missing episode and that video that he gets drunk very badly. He will almost be arrested but Swara and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) save him.

Sanskar and Swara reach Lakshya's place, where Swara apologises to everyone. While Ragini, who is dreaming of getting close to Lakshya, will be taken by a shock with Swara's arrival. Swara promises to unveil Ragini's crime in her own way.

According to the spoiler, to enter the house, Swara marries Sanskar so that she can be around Ragini and keep an eye on her, which will also help her to unveil Ragini's real colours in front of all.

Read the spoilers in the slides...

Lakshya Drunk

Lakshya gets drunk and calls Swara. He starts scolding her for ditching him.


Lakshya, who is badly drunk and is in middle of the road, will be almost arrested.

Swara-Sanskar Save Lakshya

By then Swara and Sanskar reach the place as Lakshya will tell Swara where is he on the call as she thinks he is not in good condition. Swara and Sanskar save Lakshya from police.


Swara reaches Lakshya's home with Sanskar and apologises to everyone.


Lakshya, who is not ready to see even Swara's face, pushes her and says he hates her and he will never forgive her.


While Swara gets to know about Ragini's reality, challenges her that she will unveil her crimes in front of everyone and will never forgive her for what she has done.

Ragini Getting Close To Lakshya

Well, this was her dream guys. Ragini's dream of getting closer to Lakshya is shattered with Swara's dramatic entry.

Lakshya Drunk

Ragini tries to manage drunk Lakshya who is still upset and is in love with Swara!

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