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Swaragini Spoiler: Swara To Marry Sanskar To Teach Ragini A Lesson!

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In Swaragini, Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) is thrown out of the house, for ditching his family. His secrets were revealed by Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar), who wanted to save herself when Sanskar was about to reveal her secrets.

Ragini ditches Sanskar, who had once helped her to get Lakshya (Namish Taneja) from Swara (Helly Shah). But now Ragini has cleared her path by almost killing Swara by pushing her into the river. During Lakshya-Swara's marriage, Ragini creates a scene where she will be declared innocent and Swara guilty.

Ragini sends the video message of Swara that creates tension in the family and also Lakshya gets upset as in the video Swara had insulted her relationship with him. But Dida, who was in comma for many days, comes to consciousness and reveals Ragini's truth.

Swaragini: Ragini Marries Lakshya; But Tries To Commit Suicide!!

It is too late now, as all have started to believe that Swarais guilty. Because of Dida's accusations, Ragini tries to commit suicide and Lakshya saves her and decides to marry her. With this Ragini's intention to marry Lakshya gets fulfilled.

Although Ragini gets married to Lakshya and performs the rituals at Lakshya's home, none are ready to accept her as the member of the house which makes her upset.
To add more to her worries, Swara comes home to question Ragini as to why did she ditch her sister when she was ready to sacrifice her love for Ragini!

Ragini will be cursed that until she accepts her crimes, she won't be happy with her relationship with Lakshya. Read the story and spoiler in the slides...


Sanskar finds Swara and tries to call his family, but Lakshya doesn't listen to him. He tries calling Durga Prasad, who is asked by Lakshya not to pick the call.


Sanskar calls his mother, who asks him to reach the venue soon as Ragini has revealed everything.


He asks Swara not to lose hope and to fight for her rights.

Swara Dad

Swara reaches home and is shocked to see empty house. From her father she gets to know that he broke the relationship with his mother.


Swara's mother and Dida are upset with Ragini's doings. Dida narrates everything to Swara who is disappointed with her sister Ragini.


Ragini is happy to get married to Lakshya and performs the rituals at Lakshya's home.

Ragini-Durga Prasad

While Durga Prasad is not happy with Lakshya's marriage to Ragini.


Swara meets Lakshya, who is not ready to listen to her as he thinks Swara ditched him. He has started hating Swara which shocks her.


Swara meets Ragini and tells her that she will always be behind her to remind her mistakes until she accepts it.

Swara-Sanskar Marriage!

According to latest spoiler, Swara decides to marry Sanskar to teach Ragini a lesson!

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