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Swaragini: Ragini Kicked Out Of The House; Swara, Sanskar & Lakshya Search For 'Missing' Ragini!

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In Swaragini, Swara (Helly Shah) will be blamed for having relationship with both Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor). Swara recalls the situations and later gets to know about Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) tricks.

In the previous episode, Swara will be seen going to her parent's home to celebrate Diwali. Dadi will ask Swara about her relation with Lakshya. Shocked with Dadi's question, Swara will get to know about Annapoorna and Sujatha being at their place, when they saw Swara and Lakshya together with Ragini.

At home, Sanskar and Lakshya will receive the courier which will be received by their mothers. Sujatha opens the envelope and is shocked to see the diamond pendent and the property named after Swara.

Swaragini: Ragini To Escape From Kidnapper's Den; Is Swara Behind Ragini's Kidnap?

Sujatha also makes Annapoorna also open the envelope, who is also shocked to see the hotel booked in the name of Swara and Lakshya.

Sujatha and Annapoorna call Lakshya and Sanskar now to ask about the same, while they doubt Swara behind all these. Lakshya asks Sanskar about the pendent and property, while Sanskar asks Lakshya about the hotel tickets. Both fight blaming each other. Ragini calls Sujatha and Annapoorna to stop their fight.

Ragini is successful in creating trouble and Swara will be called home. Swara recalls all the incidents that was created by Ragini, who played innocent. When Sujatha takes side of Ragini and Annapoorna asks Swara to reply for their questions, Swara slaps Ragini.

In the upcoming episode, Swara will reveal everything to Annapoorna and Sujatha. Finally, Ragini will be kicked out of the house by Swara. Ragini will go missing in Kolkata, while Swara, Lakshya and Sanskar will be questioned on Ragini's missing case.

Swara decides to search for Ragini, while Lakshya and Sanskar will accompany her.

Read the story and the spoiler in the slides...


Lakshya and Sanskar will be seen fighting and arguing with each other regarding the courier that had diamond pendent, property paper, and hotel tickets all named after Swara.


Sanskar says Lakshya still loves Swara and he lied to her saying he is friends to her. To get her love, Lakshya is doing all drama, while Lakshya blames Sanskar.


Seeing both fight Annapoorna and Sujatha stop them and tell that the reason behind all these is Swara, while Ragini is innocent.

Swara Slaps Ragini

Swara comes to Maheshwari house, while Annapoorna and Sujatha asks her to reply. But Swara silently moves towards Ragini and slap her.


Swara recalls the incidents and blame Swara. She slaps her and throws her out of the house.

Ragini Missing News

Swara, Dadi and Sumi are shocked to see the news of Ragini missing on television.

Ragini Missing

Ragini goes missing from the day Swara threw her out of the house. Swara, Sanskar and Lakshya will be blamed for the same. Swara will be questioned by police regarding Ragini's missing case.

Swara, Sumi & Dadi

Swara promises her mother and family to get Ragini back home safe. She along with Sanskar and Lakshya go in search of Ragini.

Ragini In Dark Room

Ragini is locked in the dark room and she thinks Swara and Sanskar have kidnapped her. She shouts their names to free her.


Who is behind Ragini's kidnap? Has Swara kidnapped her to teach her a lesson? Or is someone else involved in Ragini's kidnap? Stay locked to this space to get the latest update on Swaragini.

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