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Swaragini: Ragini Refuses To Divorce Lakshya; Dadi-Ragini To Take Revenge; Swara-Sanskar Get Closer!

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In Swaragini, Lakshya aka Lucky (Namish Taneja) turns negative, to take revenge on Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). He feels Ragini was responsible for his separation from Swara (Helly Shah). He also feels guilty that, because of Ragini, he couldn't stop Swara and Sanskar's (Varun Kapoor) marriage.

All these incidents, make Lakshya take the extreme step of kidnapping and hurting Ragini. Maheshwari family will be shocked with Ragini's kidnap and the trauma that she went through. Also, Ragini was attacked by an unknown person later. They will find the culprit, while Uttara confesses the crime of kidnapping Ragini.

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Lakshya is hurt and thankful at the same time to his sister, to have saved him in front of the family. Swara and Sujatha are still unable to believe Uttara kidnapped Ragini. And Swara decides to find the kidnapper.

Swara, the detective in the house, gets some proofs against Lakshya. She will join hands with Ragini to trap him. She will ask Lakshya to take Ragini to the police station, saying the latter has got some major clues.

Unaware of the fact that Swara is in the car, Lakshya tries to run the car over Ragini. Swara tries to stop Lakshya, but in vain. Later, both jump off the car, while Lakshya hangs on a tree.

Swara would have called Dadi and Sumi, during this incident. Sanskar who was with Dadi, comes to know about it and to the spot sensing danger. Ragini and Swara try to save Lakshya, and Sanskar comes to their rescue.

Maheshwari and Gadodia family reach the spot and get to know that Lakshya is the kidnapper. Annapoorna is shocked with this and slaps Lakshya. She also asks to apologise to Ragini.

Though Lakshya apologises to Ragini, Dadi will not be ready to listen. She will call the police to arrest Lakshya.

Click on the slides to read the remaining story and the spoiler, where Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone from Bajirao Mastani will bring SwaSan together.....

Durga Prasad

Even though Durga Prasad begs Dadi not to get Lakshya arrested, the police takes him. They also tell Lakshya may get death sentence for his crime.

Annapoorna Suffers Heart attack

Hearing the police's words, Annapoorna faints. At home, the doctor tells Durga Prasad that his wife had a major heart attack and any further attacks may prove fatal. Durga Prasad will not be left with any other option, but to get his son back home.


Durga Prasad begs Dadi to get Lakshya back home to save his wife Annapoorna. Dadi asks Durga Prasad to handover the Maheshwari family's property to Ragini.

Ragini's Transformation

Ragini and Swara will be shocked. But according to latest spoiler, Ragini will undergo a major transformation and the property drama might be her plan with Dadi to take revenge on the Maheshwari family!

Dadi Join Hands With Ragini

Dadi joins hands with Ragini again. Even though Dadi knows Ragini is taking the wrong way, she will support her, just because Lakshya tried to kill her! Has she forgotten that, even Ragini had tried to kill Swara earlier?


Ragini makes a list of people in her life, whom she wants to destroy, and Dadi will be seen helping to her execute the plan.


Lakshya will be back home and wants Ragini to divorce him. He wants freedom from Ragini, but she won't let him free. Ragini will burn the divorce papers, and slaps Lakshya.


Sanskar will still be annoyed with Swara for her mistake. In the upcoming episode, Sanskar will be attacked by goons. Ragini will be following Sanskar and Swara, wearing a burkha. Were these goons sent by Ragini?


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone will be performing and promoting their upcoming film Bajirao Mastani, in the nearby site, where Sanskar will be attacked.

Sanskar-Ranveer Singh

Ranveer will find Sanskar in danger and rushes to the place to rescue Sanskar. He fights with the goons and save Sanskar.

Ranveer Bring Swara-Sanskar Together!

Ranveer and Deepika will also play cupids to Swara and Sanskar. They will make Swara realise her love for Sanskar, and reunite the couple.

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