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Swaragini: Sanskar Stabs Lakshya; Swara Stops Ragini From Saving Lakshya!

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In Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) threatens that she will harm Swara's mother if she doesn't get married to Sanskar.. Ragini takes Dadi's help and kidnaps Sharmista to blackmail Swara as Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) kidnaps Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and blackmails Ragini.

Lakshya, who suffers head injuries as he falls off from the bridge into the water, gets to know from the doctor and fisherwoman that Swara is innocent.
Sanskar's mother Sujatha, who didn't want Swara to get married to Sanskar, tries to stop the marriage by faking a faint, but in vain.

Sharmista somehow manages to escape from Dadi, while Lakshya gets stuck on road as the road gets blocked and police won't allow them to move forward.

Lakshya runs to stop the marriage, but gets tired half-way. He steals the bike and rushes to his home. Although he asks Ragini to stop Swara-Sanskar's marriage, Ragini would not stop as she fears that Lakshya will get back to Swara.

Swaragini: Swara-Sanskar Go On A Honeymoon; Ragini's Romantic Dance With Lakshya - PICS

Sumi and Lakshya reach the venue, but they will be late and the blackmailing game turns bitter as Swara end up marrying Sanskar.

Ragini gets to know from Dadi's call that Sharmista has escaped from the house and may reach Maheswari house, anytime. She even fears of Lakshya might reach the place before marriage.

On reaching home, Lakshya is shocked to see Swara and Sanskar married and shouts at Ragini. He asks Ragini why did she let them get married, but the latter again lies.

Although Swara gets marriaged, Sanskar doesn't lose hope. He tries to console Swara, who cries and tells that they have lost it and her parents can never unite!

Read the story and spoilers in the slides ...

Ragini Happy

Ragini is happy that Swara and Sanskar are married now and Lakshya can't think about going back to Swara.


Lakshya knows Swara is innocent and tries to find out the person who was with Sanskar, who tried to tarnish Swara's image.

Ragini's Dream

Ragini, who isn't aware of Lakshya's intentions, dreams of getting intimate with him.

Ragini-Lakshya Romance

Ragini dreams of romancing Lakshya and the latter accepting her as his wife.


But Lakshya, who doubts on Ragini intentions, tells her that he won't move forward in the relationship until Swara and Sanskar move ahead!

Swara-Sanskar Honeymoon

This again puts Ragini in trouble and now she plans of sending Swara and Sanskar to honeymoon.


Ragini succeeds in the plan but Lakshya who want to know the truth follows Swara and Sanskar.


Lakshya reaches the lodge where Swara and Sanskar are staying and argues with Sanskar.

Lakshya-Sanskar Argue

Lakshya says that he still loves Swara and Sanskar who is married to Swara gets irritated with Lakshya.


Ragini finds Lakshya, missing and guesses that he might have gone to meet Swara and Sanskar. Ragini follows Lakshya.

Lakshya Hurt

Sanskar and Lakshya start fighting. Lakshya gets badly hurt, although he fights back, he fails.


Ragini tries to stop Sanskar and Lakshya's fight but Swara holds her back.

Ragini Begs Sanskar

Even though Ragini begs them to stop fighting, Sanskar and Lakshya continue.

Sanskar Stabs Lakshya

Sanskar loses his temper and stabs Lakshya, who falls down. Ragini weeps sitting beside Lakshya, who is smeared with blood!


What happens next? Why did Sanskar stab Lakshya? Why didn't Swara stop Sanskar-Lakshya?.... Stay locked to this place for our next spoiler update...

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