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Swaragini: Swara-Sanskar Go On A Honeymoon; Ragini’s Romantic Dance With Lakshya - PICS

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In Swaragini, Swara (Helly Shah) is sure that Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will find the truth and will stop her marriage with Sanskar (Varun Kapoor). Lakshya, who suffers head injuries as he falls off from the bridge in the water, gets to know from the doctor in the hospital who treated him that Swara was also admitted in the same room as she too suffered head injuries.

Shocked Lakshya checks the records to know if the doctor was telling the truth. Lakshya even calls the fisherman's wife who admitted Swara to the hospital to confirm the truth.

Lakshya has got to know that Swara is innocent. He calls Maheshwari house's landline to stop Swara's marriage. Unfortunately, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) picks the call and Lakshya tells Ragini to stop the marriage.

Ragini now fears that she will get stuck in her own trap and prays God that Lakshya reaches home late. She also threatens Swara to get married to Sanskar and not delay, else she would harm her mother.

Swaragini: Sanskar Stabs Lakshya; Swara Stops Ragini From Saving Lakshya!

Ragini also tells that Lakshya has come to know that Swara is innocent and says she doesn't want Swara to accept the fake marriage but to get married to Sanskar.

Shocked with Ragini's words, Swara decides to continue the wedding customs, and tells Sanskar that only Lakshya can stop their marriage.

On the other hand, Dadi, who has kidnapped Sumi, blames Sharmista for Swara's upbringing. She tells Sumi that she is responsible for her condition. Though Sumi tries to reveal Ragini's reality, Dadi doesn't give heed.

Somehow Sharmista manages to escape from the house and reach Maheshwari house to stop Swara-Sanskar's marriage.

Read the story and spoilers in the slides...


Both Sharmista and Lakshya reach the venue late. Swara and Sanskar get married.


Irritated with Ragini's behaviour, Sumi tells Ragini's secret. Sumi tells how Ragini along with Dadi kidnapped her and didn't allow Shekar to stop the marriage.


Swara, who wants Ragini to reveal the truth by herself, supports Ragini and not her mother.

Sumi Shocked

Sumi will be shocked with Swara, but later will know that it was all Swara-Sanskar's plan to trap Ragini.

Ragini Apologise To Swara

Ragini feels bad for what she did for Swara as she supports her. Ragini apologises to Swara.

Lakshya's Condition

But Lakshya will keep a condition that unless Swara and Sanskar won't lead their life like husband and wife, he won't accept Ragini as his wife.

Ragini Sends Swara-Sanskar On Honeymoon

Ragini sends Swara and Ragini to honeymoon and Lakshya will follow them.

Ragini Romance With Lakshya

But before that Ragini will be seen dancing with Lakshya. She will be seen romancing Lakshya.

Ragini-Lakshya Romance - A Dream!

Aha!! Don't worry fans, Lakshya is not with her, as this dance sequence will be a dream!


Stay locked to this space... More spoilers to come, we will be back soon with the latest spoiler.

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