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Finally Raman, Ishita, Aditya, Ruhi Are A Happy Family: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Raman (Karan Patel), Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and children - Aditya, Ruhi, are finally a happy family. With Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) deciding to leave the kids alone with Ishita, they no longer are under the threat of getting snatched away from her in some way or another.

After the entire debacle with the fire accident and the earthquake that ended with Ishita trapped under an aparement building, Aditya realises the difference between Shagun and Ishita from the disaster. He gets to know that Shagun abandoned Ruhi and him when Ishita risked her life to save them.

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Aditya informs Shagun that he no longer considers her his mother and that he needs to be with his new mother, Ishima. This will make Shagun decide to separate herself from Ruhi and him and stop trying to claim them for herself. Shagun informs Ishita that she is leaving her kids with her since she believes they are happy with her.

Raman's wish finally comes true when Aditya and Ruhi finally are living with him and Ishita without any fear and hatered. The cherry on the top will be when Aditya calls Ishita as "Ishima". The moment will be treasured by both Raman and Ishita as this will be the first time Aditya accepted her as his mother.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's track with Shagun has finally ended and the show will finally take different path. Though Ashok will still continue trying to cause trouble for Raman, the happy family have one problem less to worry about with Shagun's exit.

Happy Family

With Shagun's exit, Raman, Ishita, Aditya and Ruhi are finally able to stop worrying about her separating them. Raman finally got his wish come true.

Ishita Irritated

Ishita will be seen getting irritated living in her parents' palace. Mihika finds out that the main reason was because she was missing Raman.

Ruhi And Aditya

Ruhi and Aditya will be seen visiting Ishita and complaining about everything that is going wrong at their house in her absence. They ask her to come back.

Raman's Fault

Ruhi, Aditya and Ishita think that it was Raman's fault that Ishita was taken to her parents place. She will complain to them that Raman should have insisted she stayed there.

Ishita At Bhalla House

Ishita will drop by to inform about how Ruhi and Aditya need their food. When Raman insists she return to her mother's place to rest, Ishita informs him that she wants to stay here.

Ruhi And Adi Support

Ruhi and Aditya will be seen supporting Ishita in convincing Raman to make Ishita stay in their place.

Adi Says Ishima

When Raman insists Ishita take rest at her mother's, Adi reprimands saying he should never call them his kids since they are Ishima's kids too. Adi calling her Ishima makes everyone happy.

Raman Takes Care Of Ishita

Ishita moves back to the Bhalla house and Raman decides to take care of her. He will be seen making sure she was comfortable before and after work.

Shagun Missing

Mihir files a complaint about Shagun's disappearance. He will be seen getting upset when Abhishek insists on saying Shagun might have left to avoid arrest.

Adi's Guitar Class

With Ruhi leaving to her summer camp, Adi will complain about getting bored. Ishita recommends guitar class but Raman will be disagreeing to it.

Ishita's Plan

Ishita will make Raman volunteer to give her a head massage. She will lie to him saying if she was at her mother's place she would have got a nice massage and Raman falls for it.

Oil Massage

Raman will be seen giving Ishita an oil massage. He will be unaware that Ishita has a plan in place to make him agree to Aditya's guitar class.

Raman Scared

Raman will assume he has ended up cutting out Ishita's hair. Ishita would have planned this to make Raman agree for her plan.

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