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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita's Epic Fight Ends With Vanditha Going Into Labour

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) got into a fight due to the camera she hid in Aidtya's room to spy on him. The fight goes on to such an extent that Ishita leaves the Bhalla house and walks out only to have Toshi and Simmi joining her. Raman thinks he did good until Vanditha drops in to have a word with him only to get into labour.

Ishita will stand her ground about being a responsible mother while Raman accuses her of being over protective and going overboard with it. When Ishita tries to defend herself, Raman ends up reminding Ishita that she is not Aditya's mother nor is she a mother at all.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Says Ishita Isn't A Mother At All, She Leaves Him!

When Ishita walks out of the house in anger asking Raman to deal with the children, Santoshi and Simmi take Ishita's side as well to walk out of the house leaving the men with the children. What both the sides end up doing is to decide on having a fun time without the others.

Raman and the other guys decide on opening up a bottle to have some fun with the ladies absent. Ishita and the ladies go on a spa date again to rejuvenate again. What the two do not know is that Vanditha, who is the person behind the entire issue by encouraging Ishita with the camera idea, will end up at the Bhalla house to have a word with Raman and let him know how to talk to his wife.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishima At Fault For The First Time With Camera?

Vanditha and Raman have an argument on how Ishita was treated which ends with the former going into labour and Raman getting utterly mortified. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's upcoming episode will have the ladies continuing to ignore the calls from the men who are dealing with Vanditha's ire and labour pains.

The Fight That Got Escalated

Raman and Ishita's fight pertaining to Aditya's upbringing gets escalated to such a high that she leaves the house in anger.

Raman Accuses Ishita

Raman will be seen accusing Ishita of going overboard with her love on Aditya. He accuses her of treating Aditya like a robber and spying on him.

Ishita Defends Self

Ishita will be seen defending herself when Raman accuses her of being overprotective and spying.

Raman Insults Ishita

Raman ends up insulting Ishita by informing her that she is not Aditya's mother and so she cannot understand. Ishita gets hurt by this.

Raman Continues To Hurt Ishita

When Ishita continues to hurt by reminding her that she is not Aditya's mother and to back off. Santoshi tries to stop Raman but fails.

Ishita Not A Mother

When Ishita says Raman is careless and that he is not being serious with Aditya's upbringing, Raman tells her that she is not a mother at all.

Ishita Leaves

When Raman tells Ishita is not a mother at all, she gets very hurt and leaves the house. Raman does not try to stop her.

Toshi Too Leaves

Santoshi too leaves the house when everyone blame Ishita. She even takes Simmi with her leaving the kids with the men at home.

Raman Decides To Have Fun

Raman and the men decide to have some fun with the ladies out of the picture. They plan on a party with drinks at home.

Ladies At Spa

The ladies decide on a spa date as well. They leave the men to deal with their issues and the kids and decide to have fun with a massage.

Vanditha In Labour

Vanditha decides to teach Raman a lesson for treating Ishita so rudely. She has an argument with him when she goes into labour.

Refuse To Answer Calls

Ishita and the rest of the ladies decide to not answer their phones when the men start calling to inform them about Vanditha.

Men Take Charge

The men unable to reach the ladies decide to take Vanditha to the hospital. Thye drive her to the hospital while they continue to ignore all calls.

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