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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Says Ishita Isn't A Mother At All, She Leaves Him!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Raman (Karan Patel) has a habit of insulting others with his sharp tongue when angry. This time he has hurt Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) by reminding her that she is not Aditya's mother nor is she a mother at all.

Ishita has been paranoid about Aditya off late and in an attempt to keep an eye on him and his new girlfriend (Vinie), she will end up planting a secret camera in his room to watch and hear them when they are left alone.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aditya In More Trouble With Ishita!

Aditya and Vinie figure out they were being watched in just after a few moments and the latter decides to leave the place immediately for being doubted upon. Aditya gets upset with his mother's behaviour and Raman takes his side to accuse Ishita of invading privacy and snooping into matters that does not pertain to her.

Ishita stands her ground and defends herself by saying it is her responsibility to check on Adi and make sure he does not make any poor judgments. Raman then ends up informing her that she is not Adi's mother nor is she a mother at all. Ishita leaves the Bhalla house in anger and walks off to her mother's place.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Ishita and Raman are said to finally consummate their marriage soon but the latest fight has postponed it yet again. Let's wait and watch how Raman consoles Ishita and brings her back home.

Trouble Between Ishita And Ramn Again

Ishita and Raman are having trouble yet again regarding Aditya. While Raman wants to be lenient with his upbringing Ishita wants to be a hands-on mother.

Ishita - Vanditha

Ishita decides to get advice from her big sister Vanditha regarding Aditya. They decide to keep an eye on Aditya to be on a safer side than to regret later.

Ishita Gets An Idea

The camera that Subbu had given Simmi will come to Ishita's mind. Simmi would have discarded it and Ishita decides to use it to spy on Adi.

Ishita Plants The Camera

Though guilty, Ishita plants the camera in Aditya's room so she can see and hear what he is talking to with Vinie the entire time she is home.

Adi And Vinie

Aditya and Vinie will be seen doing their project inside the room and Ishita watches and hears them from her room.

Ishita Paranoid

Ishita will be feeling bad having watching Adi and listening to him. Though she knows he is a good boy she is paranoid about him getting into bad company.

Adi And Vinie Know

Ishita runs to Adi's room when she does not see them from her camera. This will get the kids suspicious and check if she has planted a camera and they find it.

Adi Shocked

Though Adi tries to defend Ishita, he will get shocked to see a camera in a corner. Adi will not be able to believe Ishita would do this.

Vinie Leaves

Vinie leaves Aditya's house in anger. She says her mother never doubts her this way and that they were being watched like they are robbers.

Ishita Defends

The upcoming episode will have Ishita defending herself and her behaviour after getting caught with the camera by Raman and others.

Raman Hurts Her

In a fit of anger, Raman says Ishita's behaviour proves she is not Aditya's mother and in fact she is never a mother at all.

Ishita Hurt Badly

Ishita will be shocked and hurt to hear from Raman that she is not Aditya's mother nor is she a mother at all. Ishita will inform him that if she is not his mother she will leave the house and leaves.

How Will It Solve?

Though no body is at fault in the current scenario things go out of hand when Ishita leaves the Bhalla house to go to her mother's house.

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