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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Mihir & Mihika To Get Back Together? [PHOTOS]

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Mihir and Mihika got separated when the latter decided to marry Ashok Khanna out of the blue. Now after Mihir too has married Rinki, he comes to know about the real reason why Mihika married Ashok. To Protect him. After realising the truth, will Mihir and Mihika get back together?

Post their shocking separation, Mihir took a long time get over his love, Mihika. He tried everything he could to forget her and only after months did he finally get over her to move on with his life. Though not out of love, Mihir also married Rinki when her marriage broke off at the last minute.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ashok Tries To Rape Mihika; Ishita, Mihir Save Her!

Now, after everything that has happened, Mihir comes to know that Mihika had married Ashok to keep him safe. She was suffering living away from him and her family just to keep him safe. Even though he is currently married to Rinki, he still loves Mihika and the same is true with Mihika as well.

Will Mihir and Mihika get back together? Rinki, who did not want to marry Mihir initially, has come to like him and his friendship. Has she fallen in love with him now? Let's wait and watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to see how things go in this love triangle.

Mihir And Mihika Back?

The fans of the show along with the actors playing Mihir and Mihika had been missing the Mihir-Mihika chemistry for a while now. Will they be getting back together?

Mihir Comes To Ashok And Mihika's

Mihir and Mihika comes to Ashok's house to talk to him about Ruhi's modeling. He will decide to talk to Ashok along with Ishita.

Ashok - Mihika

Ashok after realising Mihika is not pregnant with Mihir's baby will decide to force himself on her. Mihika escapes and runs away from him to find Ishita and Mihir in the living room.

Mihika Runs To Ishita

Mihika runs to Ishita when she manages to escape the clutches of Ashok. Ishita and others get confused seeing her in such a distraught state.

Mihir Fights Ashok

Mihir will attack Ashok along with Simmi. They beat him up but Ashok will declare that Mihika is his wife to do what ever he wants.

Ishita Files Complaint

Ishita decides to file a complaint against Ashok. She will immediately go to the police station along with Mihika, Mihir and Simmi.

Mihika In Shock

Mihika will be seen in shock when they file the complaint against Ashok. She will then be seen revealing the actual reason why she married Ashok in the first place.

Mihir Shocked

Mihir, until now was in the belief that Mihika left him to marry Ashok for the money or some other reason but he comes to know that the actual reason was to keep him safe.

Mihir And Mihika

After the entire scenario, Mihir and Mihika hug each other after a long time. They will be back together after the separation that devastated both of them.

Mihika Relieved

Mihika will finally be back home away from Ashok. She will be back to her Mihir.

Mihir's Married

Though Mihir and Mihika are back together away from Ashok, the biggest problem they are going to face is that Mihir is now married to Rinki.

Rinki To Get Upset

Rinki, who married Mihir for convenience has finally come to like Mihir. Will she get upset with Mihir getting back to Mihika? Let's wait and watch.

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