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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Sonakshi Lashes Out At Dev; Ishwari To Find A Groom For Sonakshi! [PICS]

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    In Sony's Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Ishwari is not happy with Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi's (Erica Fernandes) relationship. Dev unintentionally prefers Sona's choices, which makes Ishwari insecure.

    Although she is tight-lipped about the same, Sonakshi has started to get hints about Ishwari, not being happy about their relationship. Sonakshi prepares Dev's favourite sweet dish, Halwa. But, the halwa wouldn't be tasty.

    Click on the slides to see the latest spoiler with pictures.

    Sona Is Upset

    In the last episode, Sona is upset as Dev finds the halwa tasteless. She even learns that, Ishwari knew about halwa's taste, but allowed her to serve him.

    Dev & Sona

    While dropping her home that night, Dev apologises to Sona for calling her sweet preparation, 'tasteless'. Sona tells Dev that, Ishwari isn't happy with their relationship. Dev disagrees.

    Sona Missing From The Family Portrait

    The next day, Dev notices that Sona is missing from the family portrait and questions Ishwari. Ishwari replies that Sona isn't a family member yet. Both Sona and Dev are hurt.


    As we had reported earlier, Ishwari would consume extra medicines, which will put her life in danger. Post which, Dev will realise that his relationship with Sona is responsible for Ishwari's condition and call it quits.

    Dev & Sona Part Ways

    After, Dev ends their relationship, Sona would be hurt and would quit the job at the Dixit House and distance herself from Dev. Her family will console her to move on. Sona will get a new job.

    Elena Cheers Up Sona

    Elena will cheer up Sona and would take her to a coffee shop. At the same time, Dev would pass by the same coffee shop and notice Sona. Reportedly, he would get to know that, Sona has got a new job.


    Sona would get a call from her new boss, and he would scold her. Sona is worried. Dev would call Sona's new boss to his office and tells him not to speak rudely to Sonakshi, as she is his friend.


    Sonakshi would get to know that Dev has asked her boss to behave well with Sonakshi. She will be furious and lands in Dev's office. She would ask him to stay away from her and not to interfere in her life anymore.

    Dev & Ishwari

    Dev will be hurt on seeing Sona's behaviour towards him. He will find solace in his mother's arms. Ishwari will be relieved that Sona is out of their lives and her son is spending more time with her.

    Ishwari Finds A Groom For Sona

    Ishwari, worried that Sona might enter Dev's life again, decides to find a match for Sona. She would call an agent, select a match for Sona and decide to send a photo to the Bose family. Will Sona agree for this proposal? Stay tune to know.

    When Dev tastes the halwa, he bursts out by saying that, it is not all tasty! Sona feels bad. In the last episode, Sonakshi learns that Ishwari knew about the halwa's taste even before it was served to Dev and is hurt.

    When Sona confronts Ishwari regarding this, Ishwari curtly tells her that, since Dev has started to like 'new' things in life (implying her), she thought, he might like her preparation as well.

    As we had reported earlier, Ishwari disturbed by all the happenings, would consume an extra dose of medicine, which will put her life in danger. On sensing that, his relationship with Sonakshi is responsible for his mother's condition, he would call off his relationship.

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    Sonakshi would be upset after getting to know Dev's decision. Her family would stand by her during this time, and console her.

    As per the latest spoiler, post their break-up, Dev turns bitter and lifeless whereas Sona would quit her job at the Dixit House and distance herself from Dev.

    Click on the slides to know as to why Ishwari will find a groom for Sonakshi with pictures.

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