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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Ishwari Attempts Suicide; Dev To Break Up With Sonakshi! [PICS]

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In Sony's popular soap opera, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) are on cloud nine after, Ishwari approves their relationship, but little do they know that, Ishwari fears losing her son to Sona.

In the last episode, Dev's family will gather for a family picture. At the same time, Sonakshi arrives and Dev asks her to join. Although Sona declines, Dev forces her to be a part of the family portrait.

Click on the slides to see the spoiler with pictures.

Ishwari Irked

Dev's family gathers for a family portrait. Soon, Sonakshi arrives. Dev asks her to join. Sonakshi declines, but Dev forces her to be a part of the portrait. Although, this irks Ishwari, she keeps mum.

Family Portrait

The photo is clicked. Ishwari makes excuses and sends Sona to the kitchen. After she leaves, Ishwari demands one more photo sans Sona, which leaves Dev upset, but he agrees for his mother's sake.

Dev & Sonakshi

Later, Sona confronts Dev for asking her to be a part of the family portrait, without even thinking. She tells him that, she knew his mother would be upset with this. Dev apologises to her, for his act.

Ishwari To Attempt Suicide

In the upcoming episodes, Ishwari is caught in a dilemma. Dev unknowingly prioritises Sona, which adds to her insecurities. She feels guilty, that instead of being happy for her son, she is being insecure and takes extra medicines for BP.

Dev In Shock

This will put her life in danger. Reprtedly, she will murmer that her son should leave Sonakshi. On sensing that, his relationship with Sonakshi is responsible for her condition, he would straightaway decide to end his relationship with Sona.

Dev-Sona Break Up

Sona will be shocked on hearing Dev's decision to end their relationship because of his mother. She would be heartbroken, as she loves him a lot.

Sona's Family Console Her

During this tough time, Sona's family will stand by her and gives her a moral support. They would console her to move on. But, Sona is unable to forget Dev, and cries.

What Is The Fate Of Dev-Sona's Relationship?

As of how, the fate of their relationship remains unknown. Will Dev try to convince his mother for their relationship or will Ishwari realize her son's love for Sonakshi? Keep guessing!

Ishwari is disturbed on seeing her beloved son's closeness with Sonakshi. As soon as the picture is clicked, Ishwari sends Sona to the kitchen by making excuses. Soon after she leaves, she demands one more picture sans Sona, which makes Dev upset.

Radha Rani starts instigating Ishwari against Sona. Sona, then apologises to Ishwari for being a part of the family portrait. Ishwari snubs her by saying that, she needs time to accept 'new things' in life, hinting at her.

This is nothing. Dear fans, gear up for a major twist in your favourite show! Dev and Sonakshi's cute love story will hit a major roadblock in the upcoming episodes, as Ishwari will attempt suicide!

According to the latest promo of the show, it is shown that Ishwari is facing a dilemma. Although she knows that, she should be happy for her son as a mother, her heart doesn't allow her to be!

In the heat of the moment, Ishwari would attempt suicide. Dev would decide to end his relationship with Sonakshi, because of his mother's extreme step!

What will be Sonakshi's reaction after Dev breaks up with her? Click on the slides to see the pictures of the spoiler.

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