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17 Feb 2001

Muraari Story

Murari is romance with family drama based movie in which the story starts with back in 1800's a Jamindar insults Durga Devi by try stealing her idol in the temple in a state of inebriation. An enraged Devi kills him and put a curse on his heirs that she is going to take one family member each every 48 years. And one male heir dies accidentally at the end of every 48 years. And the present year denotes end of another 48 years and the Target of Devi is none but our own Murari.

Murari is the Grandson of Sabari, whose husband died 48 years back because of the curse. She named her grandson with her hubby name Murari. Hence is called with utmost respect by all family members as 'garu' and 'andi'.

In another villages, there lives a beautiful city-bred belle called Vasundhara. She too lives with a big combined family and she is the cynosure of all eyes and affection in the family.

Both the families of Murari and Vasundhara are releated by blood, but separated due to the family feuds caused by the crooked villain Rambabu. Every year, Gopamma is allowed to go her parent's house without any escort from her husband. In the current year Murari manages to accompany Gopamma to her parent's house. rest of the story is about how Sabari saves the life Murari from Lord Durga Devi.

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