Pawan Kalyan Says RGV Is A Frustrated Soul


    It is known that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's Sardaar Gabbar Singh released a couple of days ago, on the occasion of Ugadi. The actor is currently spending busy interacting with the media, about his latest release, politics and future plans, in general.

    Apparently, when an interviewer asked the actor if he is aware of the comments made by Ram Gopal Varma on twitter, Pawan Kalyan said, he respects RGV a lot since he is a great film-maker. He added that the director is a more like a frustrated soul.

    Pawan Kalyan opined that RGV loves him a lot and hence wants to see him perfect always. He said that he understands RGV's concern. Pawan also revealed about the tiff RGV once had with him, as he rejected a script narrated by him.

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    However, the issue was settled then, as the director himself felt that the script was not suitable enough for Pawan Kalyan. When asked about RGV's comments about his Hindi début with Sardaar, Pawan explained in detail that, its his call and nobody forced him to do it.

    He said, he is the only one in his inner circle, and added he had no clue what is the inner circle and out circle RGV is talking about. If you recall, RGV posted a series of tweets saying Pawan is being misguided by his inner circle, and he needs to realize that, his outer circle is not liking it.

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