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Aa Roje Review

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Monday, July 02, 2007
People who are crazy about Telugu movies, expectedly, get bored when they see the same old storylines in movies over and over again. The storyline is Aa Roje- one in which a bank is robbed and the culprit hides in the hero's bag which results in the hero being blames for the robbery - is old and has been used over and over again. Aa Roje's debutante director KS Kumar chose to make his film on an age-old story.

Even after adopting a well over used storyline, the director had not out across the storyline in a new way thereby making it even more boring. The only reason that one should watch the movie is for the comedy in the film, which is extremely hilarious- all thanks to Brahmanandam and Krishna Bhagawan

The story:
Chandu (Yashwant), Vijay (Vijayasai) and Babloo (Babloo) are college students. All three od are from middle class families, something that doesn't attract the women. Also, they don't have bikes of their own, another reason for the unpopularity. Feeling dejected, they decide to commit suicide but are stopped by a real state agent (played by Lakshmipati).

He woos them with a business offer to buy real estate. Since they cannot themselves buy the land. They convince Prince (aka Brahmanandam) to buy the land. He makes the investment and thereby loses his money, the land being police land. Chandu, Vijay and Babloo buy bikes from the commission from the sale and then become popular. They then go for dates with three girls from the college to Punnami Guest House.

Parallel to this story, a bank robbery occurs. A gang takes away 5 crore rupees from the bank. So that the gang wont be caught with the money, the gang leader Sharif puts the money in the van in which the three college boys are taking their girlfriends out on dates. Both the robbers and the three boys disappear,

Brahmanandam who also planned to rob the bank finds out that bank has already been robbed by Sharif's gang and that the money has been placed in the college boys van. Before he can do anything about this, Chandu sees the money and hands it over police realizing that it is the money that was stolen from the bank.

Sharif, Chandu and gang and Prince then run around in circles trying to get the money, Finally in thre end, the culprit goes behind bars

Plus Points:
Brahmanandam deserves the most credit for the film. He has acted exceptionally well. His role has a good proportion of both comedy and seriousness. Kausha Rach's item number is good to watch. Another performance in the film is Sharif's. The films music is good but doesn't have good enough choreography that matches up to it.

Minus Points:
Though Yashwant was looking good in the film, he needs to improve his body language. He dances with ease in the film but failed to show any emotions or expressions. Debutant heroine Soumya is a dud. She can neither be glamourous nor can she act well. Her blank expressions are a bane. Her dancing in the film is not upto the mark. Though there are two other heroes and heroines, they don't have any prominent role in the film

Krishna Bhagawan's character has not been etched well. His role helped in maintaining some suspense about whether he was a police officer or a detective. Finally his role turns to be wasted. The comedy dialogues between MS Narayana and the girl is atrocious and has failed to evoke any laugher.

Had the director made an effort to narrate the films story in a different manner, the film would have had something to watch it for. He did not establish the background of the films heroes. Moreover, when the villain planned for the robbery for over a one year and worked for three months on the actual robbery, he could have easily chalked out a plan for the safe and smooth passage of the money.

The film has nothing watch worthy either in the story nor the story's progression. The screenplay is haphazard. The director had absolutely no grip on the subject. However, it seems he tried to emulate Siva Nageswara Rao and portray the story in an entertaining way

Cast: Yashwant, Soumya, Vijayasai, Babloo, Sharif, Kishore, Brahmanandam, Krishna Bhagawan, Lakshmipati, MS Narayana, Suman Shetty, Raghubabu, Duvvasi Mohan, Kadambari Kiran, Saira Banu, Sara, Kausha Rach, and others.

Music: Vandemataram Srinivas
Cinematography: D Prasadbabu
Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Editing: Kola Bhaskar Dances: Venu-Paul
Presenter: Smt P Swarna
Producer: K Venkateswara Rao and Chennamaneni Vinod
Story, screenplay and direction: K S Kumar.
Banner: Sri Mahalakshmi Academy
Released on: July 1, 2007.

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