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Heart of Stone OTT Platform: OTT Release Date, Cast & Crew, and Story

Author Administrator | Updated: Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 07:13 PM [IST]

The much-anticipated spy action thriller "Heart of Stone" was landed on the OTT platform "Netflix" soon. So, find everything about the Heart of Stone OTT release date, satellite rights, and where to watch online in this article. This article also discusses Heart of Stone's storyline, duration, cast, trailer, box office collection, and all the fascinating details of the film.

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Heart of Stone Cast and Crew

Heart of Stone Cast and Crew


Heart of Stone is a 2023 American spy action thriller film written by Greg Rucka and directed by Tom Harper. David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Gal Gadot, Julie Lynn, and Bonnie Curtis produced this flick under the banners of Skydance Pilot Wave and Mockingbird Pictures. The film stars Gal Gadot, Alia Bhatt, and Jamie Dornan in the lead roles, alongside Sophie Okonedo, Matthias Schweighöfer, and Jing Lusi. The film's music is composed by Steven Price, and the cinematography is handled by George Steel.

Heart of Stone Storyline

Heart of Stone Storyline


Heart of Stone is like a spy action thriller in which an intelligence operative for a shadowy global peacekeeping agency races to stop a hacker from stealing its most valuable and dangerous weapon. Rachel Stone is an intelligence operative and the only woman who stands on the side of a powerful global peacekeeping organisation.

Heart of Stone's OTT Platform

Heart of Stone's OTT Platform


Gal Gadot's films are highly anticipated by fans, and this time, Heart of Stone will also star top Indian diva "Alia Bhatt." The Indian audience is therefore primarily interested in the OTT platform and the release date. After a very long time, they finally made the long-awaited announcement that the movie would be available on "Netflix" starting August 11, 2023.

Heart of Stone OTT Overview


Movie Name
Heart of Stone
Tom Harper
Greg Rucka
Greg Rucka and Allison Schroeder
Main Leads
Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, and Alia Bhatt
OTT Platform
OTT Release DateAugust 11, 2023
2 Hours 2 Minutes
Music Director
Steven Price
George Steel
Mark Eckersley
David Ellison, Gal Gadot, Bonnie Curtis, Don Granger, and Jaron Varsano
Production Company
Skydance, Pilot Wave, and Mockingbird Pictures

Heart of Stone Production Details

Heart of Stone Production Details


On January 26, 2022, principal photography began at the Alpin Arena Senales in South Tyrol, and on March 8, 2022, it repeated the same in London. The next month, in Reykjavk, Iceland, the next session of shooting went on, and the production relocated back to London for the third schedule in May. The final day of filming, July 28, 2022, was shot and wrapped in Lisbon, Portugal.

Heart of Stone Hype

Heart of Stone Hype


There is a lot of anticipation for the movie Heart of Stone among fans everywhere, particularly across Brazil and India. The most anxiously anticipated parts of Alia Bhatt's performance were how she looked and her rapport with Wonder Woman "Gal Gadot" because this was her first debut entry in the Hollywood industry.

Watch the Heart of Stone Trailer Here


The trailer for the film Heart of Stone premiered on the YouTube channel "Netflix" on June 18, and it quickly gained an all-Hollywood audience and became an instant sensation before the film's official release. The trailer was extremely exciting and successfully influenced the audience's decision to see and anticipate the movie. If you still haven't seen the trailer, scroll down and do so now.

How to Watch Heart of Stone on OTT

How to Watch Heart of Stone on OTT


1. You may install the Netflix OTT App or go to the original Netflix website to view the film streaming online on the OTT service.

2. If you're a new user, register with your email address or phone number and create a password. If you already use the service, type your username and password.

3. You will be sent to the home page after logging in, where you can check out the newest movies that are streaming on the OTT platform.

4. You could track the search tab by typing "Heart of Stone" into the search bar.

5. You can enjoy watching the movie by selecting a language and clicking the "Play Now" button.

Heart of Stone Movie FAQ


1. What is the release date for Heart of Stone?

The film is scheduled to be released on August 11, 2023.

2. Who is the director of Heart of Stone?

The film is directed by Tom Harper.

3. Who are the cast members of Heart of Stone?

The leading stars of this flick were Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, and Alia Bhatt.

4. What is the genre of Heart of Stone?

Asvins is a Spy-Action-Thriller  film.

5. Where can I watch Heart of Stone?

You can watch Heart of Stone on Netflix's streaming service after they unveil the film on August 11.

6. What is the story of Heart of Stone?

The main theme of the movie is that international intelligence agent Rachel Stone must embark on a dangerous mission to protect the mysterious MacGuffin known as "The Heart.

7. Is Heart of Stone a remake of any other film?

No, Tom Harper made Heart of Stone, and Greg Rucka wrote the entire script.

8. Is Heart of Stone available on OTT?

Heart of Stone will be available on Netflix on August 11, 2023.

9. Is Heart of Stone a hit or flop?

Although the movie hasn't yet been released to the general public, reports claim that it will be a big smash because of its compelling plot and captivating screenplay.

10. Whether Heart of Stone was directed by the debutant?

No, the filmmaker "Tom Harper" started his career in 1998, and his best-known works include the TV series "Peaky Blinders" and "War & Peace."

11. What is the Heart of Stone movie's OTT selling price?

According to sources, Netflix paid a whopping Rs. 55 crore to acquire the movie Heart of Stone.

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