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12 Aug 2011


Aarakshan movie is a high voltage drama based on one of the most controversial policies of caste based reservations in government jobs and educational ...
  • sanjeev 4 years ago

    It's wonderful film It serves its purpose.

  • deepu 4 years ago

    Aarakshan is a very nice movie its show the importance of aarakshan(Reservation) so watch this in watch-hindi-movies

  • ramesh-sharma 4 years ago

    i think this is a well information about the difference in general/ obc/sc/ categories. i want to give an advice only for general category that no one can do nothing if you get marks above 85%. can you understand what i want to say.........

  • abhishek 4 years ago

    average movie

  • tukar 4 years ago

    Well the title is Arakshan, but the subject is about "Coaching classes" . The movie should have been named Coaching class.

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