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30 Oct 2009


Aladin is a contemporary take on the classic fairy tale and boasts of a visual scale never seen before on Indian screen. The story is contemporary but set in a ...
  • rk 5 years ago

    the character played by Sohini Ghosh was so small, as aladin's mother. Wish she was casted as the female lead instead of ms.fernandes.

  • supriya-frm-mysore 6 years ago

    hey ritesh ur superb yarr..........i luv "YOU"

  • gurmeal-singh-constable 6 years ago

    Amitabh should star in a movie based on 1984 blue star operation/ movie that relects KHALSA in a positive way

  • haleel-mahmood 7 years ago

    deas sir. Amithabh Bachchan. YES No one can beat u We are weighting to ALADIN --We are from MALDIVES--

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