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16 Oct 2009


Blue is the first Bollywood underwater movie which is full of action, adventure and thriller. The story revolves around a treasure lays buried deep at the ...
  • aarav 5 years ago

    thank you

  • klori 5 years ago

    bad bad bad bad movie i ve ever watched

  • rajat 6 years ago

    tumhari ma ki chut

  • madhawamkumar 6 years ago

    mast hai , thik hai

  • anish 6 years ago

    people this is the worst movie possible this year ..with due respect to a few other disasters..there is no story ,there is nuthing new so predictable from the start..lousssy music by ar reheman its his worst so for in bollywood.the actors are so lame and not to forget sanjay dutts tummy ..katrina was so wasted in the movie ..plzz guys u dint feele like a complete idiot watchin akshay kumar breadth from a bike tyre????thats was just one of it dont get me started is finished.

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