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25 Apr 2014


Kaanchi movie is a musical thriller with a love story. It is a story of the inner power of a woman who represents millions of suppressed youth against unjust ...
  • sud a year ago

    Actress name is mishti chakraborty, not mukherjee. First correct your database.

  • iffi a year ago

    role of mithun would be amazing because subhash ghai know about the legend actor capability

  • ruchi a year ago

    Kaanchi re kaanchi beautiful song from the movie kaanchi-the unbreakable just cant stop listening to it

  • mohan-kumar 2 years ago

    mai mithun da ka bahat bada fan hun ye film me jarur mithun da grate role hoga

  • ajit-ghayale 2 years ago

    me mithundaka sabase bada fanhu me a film mithundake liye dekhane jaunga my fevrate actor greet dada ilove you koi shak

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