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Om Shanti Om (U/A)

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09 Nov 2007


What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.
  • snigdha-bairi 2 years ago


  • ayesha-mirza 2 years ago

    SRK ji, on the huge success of this movie in AMERICA, SANDY STORM came dedicating 'SANDY' of Om Shanti Om's [2nd half] & on this note Obama said in his latest speech that, AMERICA HAS TO "INVEST' IN THE BEST IDEAS. Luv & Regards to the team of Om Shanti Om :-) P.S. Americans ki bhi thee aarzoo, unn ki bhi thee yehi justuju, iss haseena mein[DP] unn ko milein, ISHQ k saare rang-o-boo. Pakistan-Karachi-Muslim

  • ayesha-mirza 2 years ago

    SRK ji saying CIRCLE OF LIFE to Micky flawlessly, Obama said that, 'Education will help reduce violent crimes and teen pregnancies.' Global Warming Issue soon to be resolved. Amen and Aameen. Regards to the success of Om Shanti Om in U.S.A. :-) P.S.Dastan thee k uss haseena [DP] ka tha ik deewana. Pakistan-Karachi-Muslim

  • ayesha-mirza 2 years ago

    on breaking before multiple cameras the Chandelier on Mukesh, Obama said that, 'REAL REFORMS MEANS STRONG BORDER SECURITY.' Micky don't show 'finger' to O.K. P.S. Applause for the singer SHAN for singing brilliantly Sunnay walo suno aisa bhi hota hai.- Picture Abhi Baki Hai...Respected India Pakistan-Karachi-Muslim

  • ayesha-mirza 2 years ago

    Mukesh, come to my make-up room plz asap, Dolly.' on this fish sms, Obama said that, 'WE MUST ASK MORE FROM THE WEALTHY AND POWERFUL.' Cuties. O.K. luv 4 Older Women. P.S. Babies of India don't dare take-off your Micky Contracter Make-up wid Thank You & Respect Women as SRK ji said. Pakistan-Karachi-Muslim

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