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Tees Maar Khan (U/A)

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24 Dec 2010


Tees Maar Khan movie is about a great criminal born who is fearless as well as shameless. He is the blue moon and is known as Tees Maar Khan. He steals cons ...
  • vivek 4 years ago

    i havnt seen much bollywood movies but i m sure of one thing...this is one of the worst movies ever made in bollywood...after seeing the movie my review ended in just 3 words...WTF

  • fahad 4 years ago

    hi this is nice movie

  • ryan-jankee 4 years ago

    tees mar is the best film that i ever saw in my life its the funniest film that i ever watch

  • pasha 4 years ago

    yes same in england......people were very disappointed.....and even the song did not live up to the expectation......the white agel dress totally wiped out the sexuality of the song

  • muskan 5 years ago

    fillm tees maar khaan aachi hai par akshay kae jokes aachae rehtaee katrina is fav my actress i like movie. All the best forecoming films.

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