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  • haridas 3 years ago

    Congrats anwar rasheed.Hridayasparshiyaya oru nalla film.

  • rebin 3 years ago

    you done it,its an inspirations to youngsters,great work done by you....no more words to say,no more things to give,thanks......thanks a lot from our hearts......

  • sumanthraj-k 4 years ago

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  • lisa 6 years ago

    hai, I just wanted to give my congrats on having done a very good work at the segment, Bridge of Kerala Cafe. The movie is done very nicely and most importantly, its an eye-opener for the young generation. I really liked the story, its very inspiring and I hope you bring many such movies that would inspire people to keep up the goodness or human nature. The comparison of the two stories within this segment is stunning, one side its the parent, who looks after his child with much care and other side its the son who has been brought up with the same care by the parent whom he abandons. The lighting, sound and different angle shots were so perfect. I give my congrats to the cast who have made this a wonderful piece of artwork. I just have no words to describe. Again thank you.

  • mani 6 years ago


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