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  • muhammad-karimpil 4 years ago

    Dear sir, As a director, mr. B Unnikrishnan is at the apex of the film / cultural world. Let me express my sincere gratitude to hi from the bottom of my heart. All the best. Muhammad karimpil

  • john-t-simon 4 years ago

    Hai Sir Sukam Thannee... Ippolum SP Grandil Thanneyaaano Stay Cheyyunnathu.... Nalla Service Kittunnundoooo.... Sirinte no. onnu ayachutharane please...

  • sree 5 years ago

    aaranu e koothichimon b unnikrishnan aravarathi thayoli?pooran polayadimon mandhabudhi super strukalude andi thalodunnavan. allathe aara e 3 padam edutha kunnathayoli unnikrishnane kurichu parayuka.thilakanae poleyullavare vare vimarshikkan valarnnu e koothichimon. e polayadimoneyokke naduroadil vechu kittiyalundallo cavittikootti oodayilidanam avante ammede nedumpooru b unnikrishnan levante oru soda glassum pooran

  • shabeer 6 years ago

    I have seen accidently the filim IG and came to know Mr.Unnikrishnens attitude towards muslims.how nicely he is misguiding the viewers ; the scene with human rights people and he added muslim dummy officers to balance the story. but Mr.Unnikrishnen dont forget the fake fighting made by our indian police (dont forget Batla house attack and other several fake incidents) be an indian with a clear face ; please dont wear a fake liberal mask .

  • girishsankar 6 years ago

    nothing is impossible, we can change the world CIA is the real enimy

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