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Mahesh Manjrekar

16 Aug 1958 (Age 57)


Mahesh Manjrekar is an Indian film director, actor, writer and producer. He is credited with directing films like Vaastav, Astitva and Viruddh. Besides direction he has acted...
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  • struggler 3 years ago

    Sir,I am a big fan of your films and acting.I come here for struggling in films.After seeing an advertisement from a model coordinator called Raj at Borivalli& I went there and I got shocked when that guy was using using abusive language for every film directors and producer in this indudstry .He was claiming that you have given him to choose guy for your forthcoming film . He is simply creating bad impression in the mind of a struggler who respect you and your films. Kindly choose a decent coordinator so that atleast struggler does not get a bad impression for industry and reputed people like you

  • rajendra-velaskar 3 years ago

    Respected Maheshji Namaskar, Kak-sparsh ha ek atyant sundar cinema ahe. I want to make a comment about the last scene or last part of the movie. You have shown Sachine Khedekar explaining his behaviour to Bapat. Then he decides to accept her as his wife. He then goes inside to get his wife's "MangalSutra". I feel that ( this is my personal feeling) you should have shot one more scene exclusively on Bapat(Uma). Bapat( Uma) suffers throughout the rest of her life starting from some times after her marriage. You have also shown her almost on the verge of becoming mad.That was almost her state of mind. She gets extremely delighted,happy when she learns the real truth. You should have shown a short shot ( without a dialogue) exclusively on Uma ( Bapat), showing her feelings just before leaving for heavenly abode.I feel that you should have shown her feelings more elaborately.In the last phase the Uma's feelings should have also been picturized more sensitively . I feel that the last part of movie lacked the sensitive depiction of Uma's feeling. And then the next shot should have been again on Sachine Khedekar showing him taking out the " Mangal-Sutra" from the trunk. Sir, kindly pardon me for crossing my limits. I never meant to hurt you. I was an orphan child & grew up by watching reading a lot & watching lots & lots of movies. I learnt a lot from different characters that I watched in movies. I owe a lot to my current status/success to all the movies that I watched in my life. Wish you very great future/success. Rajoo Velaskar

  • chauahn 5 years ago

    muuj say mielny ki kietniy supariy ly ry tou

  • toyaj-chitranshi 7 years ago


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