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Murali Mohan is a South Indian film actor in the Telugu film industry. He has also been active in politics for the Telugu Desam Party. He owns the film production company...
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  • warangal-nazeer 6 years ago

    I am a fan, I love him, I respect him,he is a best artiste.He respects his co artistes.He never troubled any producer or technicians.Still he is young,even now play a role of script hero.I hope I am going to prepare a beautiful script to present him.He is a talented born artiste.Still can attract any one.,but his conduct never permit him.He calls heroines " Amma meeru ikkada koorchondi". He had Star power,He has Star power, He will have Star power.He is a power of STAR.

  • warangal-nazeer 6 years ago

    Sir, M.Muralimohan, a real hero of every one.He loves and respects every one.He is a man of open mind.He never says in the absence of a person.He says in the presence whether praise or curse.He meets with a common and an ordinary man also with love ands affections and with respect.My salute to Sri.MMM(M.Murali Mohan).He should celebrate 24th June atleast 42 times more.We will never see such lovable gem any where in the world.

  • m-ganganagesh 6 years ago

    Good evening sir,i need help.iam preparing civilservices and state services exams.but i dont have financial support.please help me for one year only,after that i will get ajob from state service.

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