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10 May 1981 (Age 33)


Namitha (Tamil: நமிதா கபூர்; born as Namita Mukesh Vankawala) is an Indian actress, who has appeared in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam &...
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  • Sagar 9 months ago

    My Goddess is NAMITHA and I want to be her slave

  • sailesh kumar Kumar a year ago

    I am eagerly waiting for new photo sessions as we can see you there only. We r a badluck people. ,We r yours great fans but willnot be able to see u in our entire life . What a tragedy. Alas. Net provide us a lot of information and images. . God will bless u everything. Be married this year and have lot of childrens. . Be active in film industry as khusbu maam has done so we can always have your presence. Thanks . Have a lovely birthday

  • sailesh kumar Kumar a year ago

    U r so gorgeus. But some excess fat has come this can be minimised as you are good swimmer. We have always dream of healthy namitha. Always be a smart. And do come in hindi movies

  • sailesh kumar Kumar a year ago

    I see your movies but i am north indian but still watch your movies whenever i go to south

  • sailesh kumar Kumar a year ago

    Happy birthday namitha. . May u live a thousand years

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