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16 Jan 1985 (Age 30)


Navdeep (Navdeep Pallapolu) is a regional Indian actor. Like other prominent actors in India, Navdeep has appeared in both Tamil and Telugu films in his short career, appearing...
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  • sandhya 2 years ago

    iwant 2 talk 2 u

  • sunita 2 years ago

    Navdeep you are so cute. you were fantastic in badshah

  • surjit 2 years ago

    Dear Navdeep you are simply great an what an eyss you have

  • srujan 2 years ago

    dear navdeep sir when will you make me your servant? I will do all the work of you washing your clothes, polishing your shoes, i daily touch your feet, as i consider myself as your servant.

  • khan 2 years ago

    Navdeep sahab Aap bahut handsome hai. aapke ankhen ekdum supreb hai

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